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Bonnie Lanzillotta

Hanover, MA - United States

Bonnie Lanzillotta - Fine Artist

Bonnie Lanzillotta

Member Since: 03/09/2011

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Bonnie Lanzillotta is an artist whose work reflects a deep spiritual awareness and connection with nature, especially the ocean. The spiritual dimension of her work is completely intertwined with the artistic self-expression that also comes through strongly. Passion is the bond that unifies these two aspects of her art.

Bonnie’s work is influenced by the Impressionists, particularly Monet. Like all revolutionary artists, he established a new way of doing art and a new way of seeing the world—both of which she has embraced.

“Monet painted energy. In his work, you get the sense that everything is moving. In reality, though, it is. Solidity is an illusion. On the molecular level, everything is actually vibrating constantly . . . My Paintings are essentially about capturing the flow of energy, including sound, light, and mood. My aim is to open doors so the viewer can explorer their own inner worlds and dreams.”

Bonnie prefers to paint in the early morning, freshly awoken from a dream-soaked sleep. In this pre-dawn netherworld, wielding brushes, a palette knife and acrylic paint, she is best able to summon the primal intuition that underlies her work.

“When I paint, I allow myself the freedom of a child to have fun with the creative process without worrying about making mistakes.”

Bonnie grew up on Cape Cod and still lives near the ocean in Massachusetts. The basis for her strong connection with the sea is obvious. On the level of immediate sensory pleasure, she revels in being outdoors. Beach walks and mountain hikes are integral to her daily experience, soaking up the alluring mesh of colors, energy, light, and textures.

The ocean, as her primary artistic inspiration, exerts a pull on her that is not only sensory, but also spiritual. She believes that God’s power is all-encompassing and that It’s presence is like an ocean of love. This in turn inhabits her feelings, and thus her art. This oceanic presence is home to her in every sense: physically, emotionally, artistically, and spiritually.

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