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Boyka Zaharieva

Sofia, Bulgaria - Bulgaria








Boyka Zaharieva

Sofia, Bulgaria - Bulgaria

Boyka Zaharieva - Fine Artist

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About Boyka Zaharieva

I was born in Sofia , Bulgaria. graduated from Sofia University,Department of philosophy..Perhaps it was necessary for my development as artist .Favorite subject of one of my professor was Immanuel Kant's dilemma: how are synthetic judgments prior experience possible .I found the answer suddenly while drawing : by a rotation of our attention around old experiences we see new meanings . Еverything is turn. Macrocosm, microcosm, our thoughts turn. Why not turn their images ?
In the past history of art by the perspective three-dimensional world on a plane is fit and time is presents as a moment . What would happen if we have not one , but many perspectives by changing the location of the observer ? We may portray not moment but series of moments, i.e. the time ! With this insight in 1.1.1990 was born my art.I named my style 2D ( two in the second degree D) because when 2D rotate itself it is 2D (two in the second degree D)=4 sides . :) Before 3D art was born , I created 2 D( two in the second degree D ) art !
In the period 1990-1995 I created almost all of my mosaics. Without the use of paint, I put in stone not word but sentence , experienced by my soul in the time .
My art would not chance to be promoted on time.I showed my mosaic the whole of Bulgaria through the TV show Art Exchange.Not received the desired response.Started talks about exhibition with gallery but not consumed them - times were tough , there was no installation for exhibition of art in my style and yet this is a problem.But thank God there is internet !
At the end of 2010 I decided I did not want to be Emily Dickinson, and here I am and a few other places !
In my work I am interested of the relationship between sign, meaning and image in the context of positioning the viewer to the work of art, in terms of its spatial location .In this respect, 2011 was a remarkable year for me.I began to paint and made my second discovery . My mosaics change their meaning by rotation. My painting , however, change its meaning by changing the perspective of the observer in the other direction too ! Zooming in and out of the picture change it . On top of all parts of the picture are individual pictures, which also rotate !
All we can feel except yourself and your world side or in depth.For me art is a way to overcome this !

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