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Brad Leese

Hutto, TX - United States








Brad Leese

Hutto, TX - United States

Brad Leese - Fine Artist

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About Brad Leese

I believe that we see in color, but that we all feel in black and white. For many years my images have found their way on walls, in contests, and throughout the world wide web. I learned early on that my place was behind a camera, capturing the world around me as I saw it and recording it for others to enjoy.

Growing up I watched my mother take pictures of flowers, snow covered mountains, sunsets, and of friends and family. She always used her trusty Pentax K1000 that stood by her side until it met it's demise after it simply fell apart after so many years of use. She of course replaced it with another Pentax, only this time it records digitally.

I started in the 'good old days' when each picture was carefully set up and framed before taken and hours were spent in dark, red filled rooms exposing images on paper and rocking stinky liquids back and forth until a seemingly 'magic' image appeared. These days digital cameras have become the norm and as proclaimed by someone important in the industry, '2010 is to be known as the year film died'. Computers are no longer just for games or accounting, but are used to help others see what the artist is trying to convey. The shutter button is pushed without thought as SD and CF cards seem to hold an endless amount of images. I still feel it's important to set up a shot with the right settings and that Manual mode is much more of a productive tool than relying on something I call the 'Amateur's Pro Button' that makes almost anyone with a digital camera a self proclaimed professional photographer.

I now shoot 100% digital and have been a dedicated Nikon shooter for the past eighteen years. I've had extensive Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop training using both Mac and PC's. I belong to several photography organizations and have a friendship network with photographers from around the world. I see photography as my talent and chosen way to earn a living. I still have things to learn, but I also have many things to teach.

I am Brad Leese, a Professional Photographer.

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