Branko Jovanovic - Fine Artist

Branko Jovanovic

Belgrade, Serbia - Yugoslavia








Branko Jovanovic

Belgrade, Serbia - Yugoslavia

Branko Jovanovic - Fine Artist

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November 26th, 2011







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About Branko Jovanovic

Thanks to everyone who stops by to check out my work; I appreciate it!

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I am a printmaker artist My basic interest is dry point,but i like to use and other graphic tehnik. born 1965 in Priština, Kosovo i Metohija,Srbija. I graduated in 1999 at the Art Academy in Priština, in the Department of Fine Art, department of Graphic. I am a member of the
Serbian Association of Artists ULUS since 1998.
2001 awarded master's degree graphics,at the same university in the class of Zoran Jovanovic-Dobrotin
I had eight solo exhibitions in Serbia and a numerous of group exhibitions in the country and abroad I was exhibited my works at numerous group exhibitions in country and aboard. Now ,since 1999 after all I live and work in Belgrade


1993. Sales exhibition for the reconstruction of the iconostasis of the church of St. Nicholas in Pristina (Pristina Simonida Gallery)
1995. Student Art Exhibit FA in Pristina
1995th Ex-Libris Exhibition in Belgrade
1996. Student exhibition graphics F in Pristina
1996. IV International Biennial of Miniature Art G.Milanovac
1997. III International Print Biennial, drypoint, Uzice
1997. Exhibition of Small Graphic graphic circle Nis, Toronto, Canada
1997. Student exhibition graphics F in Pristina
1997. Charity Auction, Sombor
1998. May exhibition graphic of the Graphic Collective Gallery
1998. VITAL graphic-round exhibition of small format graphics
1998. International exhibition of small prints, Barcelona, ​​Spain
1998. International Biennial of Small Graphic Raciborz, Poland
1998. International Exhibition of Ex-Libris, Krakow, Poland
1998. IX Biennial of Yugoslav student graphics Cultural Center Campus, Belgrade
1998. V International Biennial of Miniature Art G.Milanovac
1998. New members of ULUS
1999. IV International Biennial of Graphic, drypoint, Uzice
1999. Exhibition of Small Graphic Graphic Collective Gallery
1999. XIX Biennial International Ex-Libris Sint Niklaas, Belgium
1999. Second International Biennial of Ex-Libris Rijeka, Croatia
1999. Open ULUS's war studio
1999.KC Haji Reuben, Lajkovac, annual exhibition of art club
2000th Spring Exhibition of ULUS
2000. By the exhibition Milutin Rankovića Psalms kosovo
2000. X Biennial of Yugoslav student graphics Cultural Center Campus, Belgrade
2000th Exhibition participants graphics colony-Smederevo2000. Kovin
2000th Exhibition of Small Graphic graphic-collective-Belgrade
2000th VI International Biennial of Miniature Art G.Milanovac
2000th Solo Exhibition of Graphic Art Group
2000th Autumn exhibition of ULUS
2,001th Solo exhibition in National Museum - Leskovac
2001.XX Biennial International Ex-Libris Sint Niklaas, Belgium
2003.VII International Biennial of Miniature Art G.Milanovac
2005th VIII International Biennial of Miniature Art G.Milanovac
2007.Galerija TRAg - Art creators SREMČICA
2007.Guest in the exhibition of artistic creations Prokuplje National Museum Prokuplje
2008th Art Gallery chronicle Sremcica Trag - Sremcica
2008th Gallery 73 Fine SREMcICA Chronicle
2009.Solo exhibition International University of Novi Pazar
2010.exhibition of small graphics Novi Pazar
2010th Independent Municipal Gallery Priboj
2010th Entrepreneurial Culture House Prijepolje
2011.exhibition of small graphics Graphic Collective Gallery
2012.exhibition of small prints Graphic Collective Gallery
2012.I International Biennial of Small Graphic Nis
2013.III Biennial small watercolors Belgrade
Illustrations for the book:
1998. Olivera Dekić - Fantasy Forest

Thank for stopping on my page..
Wish you all the best.

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Spring Morning ... by Branko Jovanovic


A Little Feel Dizzy by Branko Jovanovic


Small Landscape by Branko Jovanovic


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Green Man by Branko Jovanovic


My Circles ... by Branko Jovanovic


Stone egg by Branko Jovanovic


The Morning Tears by Branko Jovanovic


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Labyrinth Of Small Lies by Branko Jovanovic


Old Beauty by Branko Jovanovic


Silhouette by Branko Jovanovic


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N01 by Branko Jovanovic



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Only Drawing... by Branko Jovanovic


Old Sign by Branko Jovanovic


Labyrinth by Branko Jovanovic


Gordian knot by Branko Jovanovic


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landscape I by Branko Jovanovic


Landscape by Branko Jovanovic


Mask by Branko Jovanovic


02 by Branko Jovanovic



01 by Branko Jovanovic



Destiny by Branko Jovanovic


Rooster by Branko Jovanovic


01a by Branko Jovanovic



Shine In The Grass by Branko Jovanovic


Red Landscape by Branko Jovanovic


Birth by Branko Jovanovic


Tatoo by Branko Jovanovic


Thief Of Life by Branko Jovanovic


Small Window by Branko Jovanovic


The Trust... by Branko Jovanovic


Alone in the memories by Branko Jovanovic


St. Nicholas cake by Branko Jovanovic


Cold Morning by Branko Jovanovic


Stone Maiden Birds Of Silence by Branko Jovanovic


Rotten Imagination And Dirty Passion by Branko Jovanovic


Cactus by Branko Jovanovic


Mun Ze Garden by Branko Jovanovic


mun Ze N garden by Branko Jovanovic


Lilac by Branko Jovanovic

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