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Brenda Adams

Jackson, GA - United States








Brenda Adams

Jackson, GA - United States

Brenda Adams - Fine Artist

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About Brenda Adams

I love to write. I love to draw. I love to paint, and the great thing about these three endeavors is that you can practically take them everywhere you go. If I don't have an easel, I have a drawing pad, or writing tablet. I have a great big family around me to enjoy and a couple of hundred acres to either hike on or ride one of our quarter horses on. But I have always, all the time, always thought about my work in the back of my mind.

I have no formal schooling, if you discount my years of studying all the wonders God created. There are all my years of studing many gifted painters who came before me. I have my mental illness to allow me to take my own spin on things. I am strongly drawn to bright colors and a desire to employ movement into my work.

My art and my mentak illness make the other necessary. I couldn't hold it together if I didn't have an outlet for the intensity of my manic highs. I don't know if I would even want to paint if I wasn't me. Thank God for my bi-polar brain.

This will be the beginning of my art marketing. I am getting prepared to accept some shows close by, Hopefully, I can sell some artwork and prints to earn my room and board at art schools that effer scholarships. Upm ready for a little adventure in my life!

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Its alive by Brenda Adams


Floxish Flowers by Brenda Adams


Crackerjack Flowers by Brenda Adams


Fantasy Flowers by Brenda Adams


Vase of air by Brenda Adams


Fractured Heart by Brenda Adams


Carousel Horse on light background by Brenda Adams


Calling all angels by Brenda Adams


Poppies and Daisies by Brenda Adams


Shaky Breaky Love by Brenda Adams


Traffic Jam In Triangle Land by Brenda Adams


Closing Ranks by Brenda Adams


Buttons Buttons by Brenda Adams


Glass Hearts by Brenda Adams


Big Zen by Brenda Adams


Sunflowers in Clear Vase by Brenda Adams


Mosaic heart by Brenda Adams


Orange Flowers Clear Vace by Brenda Adams


Busy Heart by Brenda Adams


My twin within by Brenda Adams


Flowers in a red vase by Brenda Adams


Cautious Heart by Brenda Adams


Reunion of hearts by Brenda Adams


Craters of Zars by Brenda Adams

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