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Brenda Bostic

Surveyor, WV - United States








Brenda Bostic

Surveyor, WV - United States

Brenda Bostic - Fine Artist

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About Brenda Bostic

Brenda Bostic
Photographer/Visual artist


West Virginia born and raised, photography has been a passion of mine for years, and I hope to tell a story and bring every image to life.

Photography is more than just a print on paper, it is the image created in the mindís eye of the photographer, capturing the one moment that will never be exactly the same at any time. Every moment is magical, and there is only a certain window of light to capture the amazing world we live in. Photography allows me to express what I see, and that which I may not be able to draw or even put into words. My hope is that someone will be able to feel what I feel not just see a picture that I have taken. A memory is captured in your eye, a photograph brings it to light.

My vision, when the shutter is tripped, is to create for those who see it, whether of people, flowers or scenery, a place of an unforgettable, lasting image in the minds. Some days are magical when the light and the surroundings seem to get dressed up and invite you in to come capture that moment. I am fortunate to live in this beautiful state and I hope to capture it's beauty for years to come.

My work has been juried in the East River Arts in Bluefield, WV, the Beckley Art Gallery, Beckley, WV; sold in private collection; at the Robert C. Byrd United States Courthouse and Federal Building, and the West Virginia State Capital. I am a member of the Beckley Camera Club and the Beckley Art Gallery.

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Barely Holding On by Brenda Bostic


Blushing Bride by Brenda Bostic


New Born Baby by Brenda Bostic


Awe... Spring by Brenda Bostic


Pink Dogwood by Brenda Bostic


The Trinity by Brenda Bostic


The Dogwood by Brenda Bostic


Birthing Of a Lilac by Brenda Bostic


A Touch Of Beauty by Brenda Bostic


Down On The Farm by Brenda Bostic


Purple Martin Gourds by Brenda Bostic


Spring This Bud Is For You by Brenda Bostic


Praying Squirrel by Brenda Bostic


Taking My Last Breath by Brenda Bostic


All Alone.... by Brenda Bostic


Awaiting Spring by Brenda Bostic


I Work For Peanuts by Brenda Bostic


The Look by Brenda Bostic


White-breasted Nuthatch by Brenda Bostic


Freezing Fog by Brenda Bostic


Goldfinch by Brenda Bostic


Black-capped Chickadee by Brenda Bostic


Sharing by Brenda Bostic


Blue Jay by Brenda Bostic

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