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Brenda Jiral

Hamilton, MI - United States








Brenda Jiral

Hamilton, MI - United States

Brenda Jiral - Fine Artist

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About Brenda Jiral

Since I was a child, I have been drawn to art; to the creative process. I think I've always 'seen' the world a little differently than those around me. Instead of seeing a tree, I saw the individual shapes and patterns the light and shadows made. Rather than a lake, I saw the reflections, each one different than the rest, unique in their beauty, shape and color. I am drawn especially to light and shadow and the contrast between the two.

The world around me never ceases to inspire me. Everywhere I look, I see beauty and the evidence of a Divine creator. I am a believer and follower of that creator, Jesus Christ. And as we are all created in His image, I find I am most at peace, or myself, when I am creating. When I am interpreting His beauty in my own unique style. The natural world inspires me and draws me closer to the One who created it all.

I work mainly in watercolors and acrylics, but I also enjoy experimenting with other mediums and new techniques. My favorite subject matter is flowers and still-life's. I am especially drawn to close-up images that fill the canvas or paper. I prefer to paint from photographs that I have taken myself, so I usually take a lot of photos during the warmer months to use as inspiration for my paintings throughout the year. And since photography is another one of my passions, I get to see the world through both a lens and a paintbrush.

For me, I paint because it's who I am, I cannot seperate myself from my creativity, because it's just as much a part of me as my arms and legs. I feel more like 'myself' when I am creating, so I paint for the sheer pleasure of it. Rene Descartes said 'I think, therefore I am', I would like to take that quote one step further and say that 'I paint, therefore I am'.

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Bright Blooms by Brenda Jiral


Scarlet Poppy by Brenda Jiral


My Gypsy Rose by Brenda Jiral


Sunlit Iris by Brenda Jiral


Morning Glory by Brenda Jiral


Dinner Pepper-ation by Brenda Jiral


Up Close and Personal by Brenda Jiral


Ribbit by Brenda Jiral


Tropical Beauties by Brenda Jiral


Tulip Tree by Brenda Jiral


Reaching for the Sun by Brenda Jiral


Falls Bounty by Brenda Jiral


Dogwood in Autumn by Brenda Jiral


Dogwood in Autumn II by Brenda Jiral


Flaming Leaves by Brenda Jiral


Hidden Leaves by Brenda Jiral


Fushia Leaves by Brenda Jiral


Purple Iris by Brenda Jiral

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