Brenda Pressnall - Fine Artist

Brenda Pressnall

Loveland, CO - United States








Brenda Pressnall

Loveland, CO - United States

Brenda Pressnall - Fine Artist

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About Brenda Pressnall

i fell in love with art as a child when i was confined to a body cast for six months. physically inactive, drawing (especially portraits) was a way to stay busy and to interact with the world around me. i set my interest in art on a back burner and pursued a career in science, working as a satellite imagery analyst for the government.

after a brain fry at age twenty nine, which left me tempoarilly unable to read, write or walk, i turned once again to art.

my ability to sketch portraits is long gone with my brian impaired in terms of perspective but a new world of COLOR has opened up for me.
i am in love with painting. it is a form of emotional expression. it is definitely physical therapy. most importantly it is spiritually uplifting. i feel connected, whole. i feel as vibrant as the colors i use when i paint.

photography is my second child and no less loved.

my love for painting and photography have led to a merger of the two as i have begun what i call PhotoArt. we'll see where that leads!

some would say i am self taught. that sounds like i am finished with something rather than starting.
i am self evolving, self led, learning, discovering. what a wonderful journey.

i am currently a member of CoCoa, Colorado Coalition of Artists in Fort Collins, Colorado

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