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Brenda Brown

Mississauga, ON - Canada








Brenda Brown

Mississauga, ON - Canada

Brenda Brown - Fine Artist

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About Brenda Brown

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I am a self taught Artist in both Painting and Photography. I always enjoyed art from a very young age. When I was growing up TV and technology were not options for something to do so I coloured in colouring books a lot, sketched comics and other interesting still life subjects. One Christmas I got a paint by number and it opened up a whole new world to a child as it taught me perspective, colour tones, horizon lines and depth.

I was thrilled to find out in high school that you could actually take Art and get a credit for it so that's what I did. I sketched and painted a lot during that time, learned the colour wheel and other many valuable lessons. When I became a mother and had my children I learned what true masterpieces were.

I am a member of 'Harbourside Painters of Canada'. I also furthered my talents by taking courses and seminars to learn certain techniques and styles I wanted to master. I have been lucky enough to have been put in the path of some wonderful very talented teachers, both Artist, Photographers and Naturalist!! Best advise given to me along the way was 'always remain teachable', I have and always will!

You will notice on my painting signature I always have a dragonfly on the tip of my last N in my name. This is in memory of my Dad who passed away in 2006, his initials were KK and if you put the letters back to back it forms the wing shape of a dragonfly.

I am passionate about what I do and I am confident it shows in my work! I am thrilled that I am now able to share my work with the rest of the world.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Brown

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Beautiful Baltimore Oriole by Brenda Brown


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Baltimore Oriole heres looking atcha by Brenda Brown

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