Brian Lukas - Fine Artist

Brian Lukas

Mandeville, LA - United States








Brian Lukas

Mandeville, LA - United States

Brian Lukas - Fine Artist

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About Brian Lukas

Every day nature lays a thousand wonderful things under our eyes, and every day we manage to ignore them without any trouble, but every so often it gets a little tougher.

Louisiana coastal wetlands are vanishing at an alarming rate. The wetlands are a vast area supporting a wide diversity plant, aquatic and animal life. It also provides a friction barrier reducing the impacts of devastating hurricanes to the population. The coastal wetlands are our Kevlar, our protection against destructive winds. Sadly, with the loss of the coastal wetlands, areas that never flooded before are now seeing high water invade their communities on a regular basis. My images hopefully show the beauty of our wetlands and the broad range of wildlife that thrive in its environment.
Why should we care about the coastal wetlands? A conservationist ranger in Africa was asked that same question when asked why should any care about the diminishing population of the Black Rhino. He responded by saying, “ Well, when it’s gone …it gone forever.” It was a simple but prophetic answer. Our wetlands support many in the fishing and maritime industry. Thousands of jobs depend on a thriving coast. If we lose our wetland delta…we have the possibility to lose everything.”

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New Orleans City Park - The Pole Vaulter by Brian Lukas


New Orleans - Entrance to City Park by Brian Lukas


Bansky - The Little Girl by Brian Lukas


Cypress Swamp by Brian Lukas


POP's Fountain - New Orleans City Park by Brian Lukas


River Pilot House by Brian Lukas


Pete by Brian Lukas


Hurricane Katrina - An Angel On My Steps by Brian Lukas


Hurricane Katrina - Landmarks Destroyed by Brian Lukas


Hurricane Katrina - Please Don't Forget Us by Brian Lukas


The Lonely Shrimper by Brian Lukas


Looking at You by Brian Lukas


Blue Heron in Flight by Brian Lukas


Pelicans In Flight - GUlf Islands by Brian Lukas


Pelican Profile - Barataria Bay by Brian Lukas


The Wetlands - Morning by Brian Lukas


Dragon Fly by Brian Lukas


Twin Pelicans Landing by Brian Lukas


The Laughing Pelican by Brian Lukas


Full Flaps for a Landing by Brian Lukas


Vietnam Memorial reflections by Brian Lukas


Hurricane Katrina - History by Brian Lukas


Celebration New Orleans by Brian Lukas


Spirit of New Orleans by Brian Lukas

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   |   Images = 24