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C Robert Follett

Terre Haute, In - United States

C Robert Follett - Fine Artist

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About C Robert Follett

C. Robert Follett:
'Bob is a contemporary realist in watercolor art and he developed an insatiable love and respect for the beauty around him at an early age. He finds fulfillment in rendering his visions for others to enjoy.

Early encouragement came from Mr. Norman Rockwell. Bob is featured in the 1957 Boy Scout artwork by Rockwell. Bob and his brother can be seen today as the artwork on the B.S.A. Calendar for 1957, Rockwell portfolios, and antique stores across America. Bob's work has the feeling of a Rocwell moment, yet while viewing his work, one can readily see the influence of his mentor, Mr. Maxfield Parrish.

Bob credits the late D. Omer “Salty” Seamon, the beloved Indiana watercolor artist, for giving him the help and encouragement needed, to finally change careers at age 52.

Bob was born in Vigo County, Indiana in 1939. He is self-taught and began his interest in art at a very early age. As a youngster, evenings would find him sketching on scraps of paper retrieved from his father’s wastebasket, while the rest of the family was enjoying the electronic marvel of the 40’s, television.

The artist had a successful insurance career, which spanned 25 years, but his real love has always been in the field of art.

Although Bob has entered and won many regional art awards, he has been covered up with commissioned painting assignments for numerous Wabash Valley and Terre Haute businesses. Local demand of his artwork has been such that Bob; never pursued showing his work nationally in prestigious galleries. He considers the “judge” of his works to be the public-at-large, who represent the buyers and potential buyers of his art.

In 1995, after becoming distraught with regard to the many limitations of the traditional teachings in watercolor, Bob began extensive research and experimentation on alternative methods of painting with water. After ten years of rigorous study and documentation, he decided to publish a study course based upon his findings. This work was completed in 2006 and is currently being published.

In 2001, Bob and his late wife, Doreen, also an artist and picture framer, added an art facility/studio on the rear of their property in Terre Haute, Indiana. Today, this is where the artist still creates his images. He welcomes visitors to stop by and visit anytime.

Bio: Courtesy of Gisselle McNair with the aid of Mr. Follett

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Winter Afterglow by C Robert Follett


A Mid-summer's Eve by C Robert Follett


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Oil Craze of 1889 by C Robert Follett


End of the Workday by C Robert Follett


Checking on Old Friends by C Robert Follett


Dusk by C Robert Follett


Drive-in Restaurant by C Robert Follett

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