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Carl Owen

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Carl Owen

Santa Fe, NM - United States

Carl Owen - Fine Artist

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About Carl Owen

I have performed many roles in my life. I have been a student, a steelworker, a marine, a correctional officer, lieutenant, acting captain, counselor, court liaison officer, an adjunct professor, a senior trainer, an addictions program designer/director, and an assistant mental health bureau chief. I am a husband, father, grandfather and I have always been an artist.

I have an Associate of Arts degree in art and dumped my attempt to get a Bachelor's degree in art after several contest discussions with all of my art professors basically about their position of art being for the purpose of a social statement verses my point of view that art should be for the purpose of creating beauty. There seemed to be no common ground. So, I decided to change my major and get a degree I could use to get other employment as it became obvious to me that I was at odds with the art world of the 1970's.

I got my B.A. in Psychology and my M.A. in Correctional Counseling. It has worked out well for me. I now am able to create those objects of beauty that I choose.

Check my website from time to time. It will always be changing. I know that I am privileged to be able to produce art for the purpose of creating an object of beauty. It is a thrill. It is a pleasure to me that someone else enjoys the work I have done. Life has been good to me either by my own hand, fate, fortune, luck and intervention, or most likely a combination of all. Men and women have helped and intervened in shaping and saving my life as I have helped and intervened in shaping and saving others lives. I think that is what living is all about. It is essence of community. That, and of course, our need to create and be surrounded by objects of beauty.

I tend to be a serious person being contentious, stubborn, and opinionated who at times has made mistakes and enjoyed victories. Having said that I really do wish all to be well and happy.

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