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Carrie Jackson

Gilbert , AZ - United States








Carrie Jackson

Gilbert , AZ - United States

Carrie Jackson - Fine Artist

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April 21st, 2008







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About Carrie Jackson

Welcome to Carrie Jackson's Fine Art America gallery!
Carrie Jackson is an internationally collected American artist, creator and visionary. Carrie creates art for film and private commissions. Carrie's main artistic focus and passion is painting but she has also developed extensive skills in drawing, sculpting, woodworking, interior design, graphic design, calligraphy, writing and more. Most of Carrie’s artistic ideas and inspirations come from her dreams but she is also very enthralled with life and nature and these subjects show up often in her artwork.

You can purchase many of Carrie’s paintings, drawings and illustrations displayed here in the form of cards, canvas prints, posters and more! Carrie works primarily as a commissioned artist, so her portfolio is uniquely varied while every piece in her collection is consistently high in quality.

Artists Statement

“I enjoy creating bold artwork that moves people. My heart’s desire is is that I leave my audience with an experience. I really pour my energy, my feelings and myself into every piece of art I create. I hope to leave a fingerprint of myself in my work. Because of this and the passion I put into my art, I believe my work holds a type of life and that this creates a special, personal experience between my artwork and my viewers. I like to keep my relationship between my artwork and myself pure and heartfelt. I create what I love, color, boldness and captivating scenes that I hope captivate others as well.” - Carrie Jackson

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