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CarrieAnn Reda

Salem, Oregon - United States








CarrieAnn Reda

Salem, Oregon - United States

CarrieAnn Reda - Fine Artist

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About CarrieAnn Reda

A little bit about me:

Until recently I never fully considered being an artist as a valid personal professional choice, but hard economic times have forced me to rethink what I had always considered to be a talent and a hobby, but since artistry had suddenly become the only means by which I could keep my familyís dreams afloat. Iíve always had the desire to dedicate myself to it fully but that felt like a selfish and childish whim, now I have no other choice but to make sure I am successful in my artistic endeavors- fate has made the choice for me that I could not make for myself.

My feelings on the purpose of art:

The purpose of art to is to create something beautiful; for hand-rendered art it is to express a moment in ways that a camera never can. That moment may be joyful, painful or just beauty for beautyís sake but it must always be rendered in a skillful manner. Choice of medium and canvas, expression of detail, color, texture, the recreation of light, form, and line should all come together to create the identity of the work. Is it a simple and fun illustration? An expression of emotion in ink? Or a detailed examination?

On my current endeavors, pet portraits and drawings in graphite:

Iíve decided to try my hand at pet portraits after the loss of my beloved golden retriever to cancer. It was a heart-rending experience, and I needed to do something positive with it. People tell me that Iím able to put a more into my portraits than what is there in the reference pictures: an expressiveness that I imagine comes from my love of cartooning and illustration. In cartooning a slight change in a line in a facial expression means the difference between a mischievous grin and a grimace.
Currently Iím working mainly in graphite because of its versatility (and because I am to poor for oil paintings or pastels) since it is as easy to get a sharp clean line with graphite as it is to achieve a soft wash. Also I feel that a drawing has a clean simplicity that makes it look at home in any way you choose to display it. It is also a medium that suits itself to these hard economic times- the over head costs for a commission in graphite are a fraction of what they would be for a pastel or oil painting, which makes commissions accessible to a larger group of people.

If youíd like to contact me about a pet portrait, drawing, or illustration commission you can send me an email directly at, or through my online portfolio which has more information (sizes, pricing, etc) at

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Working Hard

January 21st, 2013

I haven't been able to post any new works lately because I'm busy with a few children's books! The first children's book I illustrated just went to print with Judaica Press, so cross your fingers for me that its a success! I am working on another boo...