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Cathy Leite

Naugatuck, CT - United States








Cathy Leite

Naugatuck, CT - United States

Cathy Leite - Fine Artist

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About Cathy Leite

Iím a nature and scenic photographer based in Connecticut. My first interest in photography began as a child. Looking through a wildlife book, it was then that I knew I wanted to photograph the animals that I saw in those pages. That was when my love for photography began.

As a teenager, I had my first Kodak film camera. People would tell me that my photos looked like postcards. Years later I bought a Canon Rebel film camera, but it wasnít until just a couple of years ago that I bought my first digital camera, a Canon T2i.

Iíve always had a deep appreciation for nature. I love to photograph forests, beaches, flowers, insects or anything that catches my eye. I also enjoy the experiences that come with it, hiking through the forests, walking along the sandy shore listening to the waves, or just simply being outdoors listening to the sounds in nature. Iím happy to share my experiences with you, I hope you enjoy browsing through my photos.

Iíve also used my photography services for ďHope Alliance for AnimalsĒ a sanctuary for special needs pets.

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Winter Countryside by Cathy Leite


A Snowy Scene by Cathy Leite


Winter in Milford by Cathy Leite


Winter Forest by Cathy Leite


Lighthouse Sunset by Cathy Leite


Autumn Waterfall by Cathy Leite


In the Forest by Cathy Leite


Sunset in the Forest by Cathy Leite


Plentiful Waterfall by Cathy Leite


Luminescent Springtime by Cathy Leite


Hop Brook Lake by Cathy Leite


Woodland Pathway by Cathy Leite


Shimmering Sunset Vertical by Cathy Leite


Glowing Sunset by Cathy Leite


Oasis 2 by Cathy Leite


Sunlit Waterfall by Cathy Leite


Yellow Roses by Cathy Leite


Spring Garden by Cathy Leite


Foot Bridge at the Pond by Cathy Leite


Ocean Sunset by Cathy Leite


An Autumn Dream by Cathy Leite


Emerald Forest by Cathy Leite


Mystic Sunset by Cathy Leite


Pretty Perching Peacock by Cathy Leite

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   |   Images = 44





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