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Catt Kyriacou

Famagusta - Cyprus

Catt Kyriacou - Fine Artist

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About Catt Kyriacou

Catt is a British artist and designer/maker born in Liverpool.
She enjoyed a happy, creative childhood encouraged and inspired by an artistic mother. It was natural for her to study what had always been her passion.Enjoying and showing talent in many fields she found it hard to specialize.
Catt studied fine art, sculpture, photography, graphics and life drawing at Hugh Baird College of Higher Education and went on to graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA hons degree in three dimensional design with psychology as her side study.

'I have always had an interest in the workings of the human mind and enjoy studying people and their energy from an artistic perspective. I have always had guidance and messages throughout my life and have used both my art and this guidance to heal many issues and problems. '

Catt moved to Cyprus, an island in the mediterranean, in 1995 where she currently resides.
She has developed a unique style of art she calls SOUL ART.

' I paint from the heart. The heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. My paintings have a sense of peace and love about them which is healing. Something we need more of in today's world.'

As our planet moves into a more creative way of thinking it is a perfect time for Soul Art to inspire people to embrace their creative souls and step into this new era to express their own hearts with awakened spirits. SoulArt is art created for the healing of the soul.
The heart sees what the eyes cannot and art speaks in ways that words cannot.

'Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life' Pablo Picasso.

Art is one of the most ancient forms of healing and the line between spirituality and creativity is a very fine one.

SoulArt paintings are created from the heart with pure intent and spiritual and healing energy. They lift your spirit and motivate you with the energy you need to fulfill your dreams. They speak to your soul. Remind you who you are and why you are here. They promote inner peace.

There are constant healing benefits from being in the presence of SoulArt.
Technically it only takes an instant for art to create a response in the viewer.
Colours, symbols and imagery all trigger the brain into releasing chemicals which in turn activate cells in the body to respond. The body then can start to repair and rebuild itself on both a physical and spiritual level, healing the soul and the emotional body in harmony with the physical body.
Colour and imagery resonates with the soul so can be used to promote healing and spiritual wellbeing.
Colour is a vibration.

These spiritual paintings should be hung where you can receive full benefit of them.
They are an excellent tool for meditation.
SoulArt is a very powerful and constant form of healing that compliments other therapies.

When you look through the SoulArtGallery
view the paintings through your heart. Let them awaken energies in your energy field that need to be stirred and healed and let them nurture these energies.

Art is a very powerful tool to keep mind,body and spirit healthy.
Art strengthens the soul.

SoulArt also offers commissioned SoulArt pieces for personal and specific healing needs on a physical,emotional or spiritual level,
SoulArt portraits for personal growth and SoulArt paintings for businesses, offices and personal workspaces.
for more details about healing over distance, how the paintings are made and how to commission your own personal SoulArt Painting please visit the website

Please bear in mind that Catt undertakes up to 12 commissions a year and there is a waiting list.

Alongside painting and healing Catt offers pyschic and intuitative card and wand readings both in person and online.

For more information about Catt's artwork and the healing involved please contact the artist
Catt takes on personal healing work and commissioned paintings.
Please contact artist for details.

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