Celeste Nagy - Fine Artist

Celeste Nagy

Lake Worth, FL - United States








Celeste Nagy

Lake Worth, FL - United States

Celeste Nagy - Fine Artist

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December 23rd, 2010







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About Celeste Nagy

This artist has been painting since 1975. A resident of Lake Worth, Florida, she works in a variety of mediums and her pieces extend beyond portraits to include, landscapes, seascapes and still-life.

She paints from photographs and real life, and also enjoys capturing beauty through photography. In addition to commissioned portraits, from time to time, she runs Ebay Auctions and enters contests. Each piece tells a story about the subject and bible verses may be added to some. This creates more dimension and brings the audience closer to The Creator; something she believes all art must accomplish.

Inquiries regarding commissioned works or purchasing prints may be directed to this artist's web site or e-mail address.

Portrait Fees
Effective January 1, 2010

Head and shoulders.
24' x 20' to 30' x 25' ---------- $5,000

Three-quarter length.
36' x 30' and larger -------------$6,000

Full length.------------------------- $7,500

The portrait process begins with two sittings, on consecutive days, each of approximately ninety minutes duration. These sittings can take place in the artist's studio, or at the subject's home, office or other location. In the course of these two sittings, the size and 'spirit' of the portrait is decided upon, and the questions of pose, lighting, costume, setting and expression are decided, through discussion and experimentation. Extensive photographic reference material is created to allow the artist to proceed after the sittings conclude.

There follows a period of studio work in which the details of the composition are developed, one by one, and in concert. The artist brings the painting as near to completion as possible. A final sitting or sittings is now required if possible.

The final sitting takes place either at the artist's studio or at the subject's location. As the subject sits, the artist makes the crucial finishing touches. Often, close family members or associates are invited to provide input. The painting is now finished, and ready for display.

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