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Chad Davis

Raytown, MO - United States

Chad Davis - Fine Artist

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About Chad Davis

I'm a native of Missouri. Born in Kansas City. As a child I spent my younger years in Washington State. I come from a family of six with a rich background in art. Returning home to Missouri at the age of 14, my passion for photography was discovered upon using a brother's camera. Encouraged by my father to pursue a career in photography. I studied photography for two years at the local High School of Ruskin High. Upon graduating from High School, I continued my studies with a commercial photographer from Belton, Missouri shooting in the fields of commercial, aerial and weddings and portraiture.

During my off time as an assistant photographer my passion for nature grew spending time traveling to different areas of the United States. Traveling to Florida, Wyoming, Montana and Washington visiting national parks like Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons and the Olympic Forest of Washington. I taught myself about nature and the wildlife around me photographing the beautiful scenery of the United States. I continue to pursue my passion capturing beautiful landscapes and engaging creatures of all walks of life, large and small. With my enthusiasm for photography, I continue to explore photographing the wilderness and the beauty that is among us all.

I'm deeply inspired by the environment. Wildlife and nature have always been a big part of my life and continues to be what is most important.

Ultimately it is my wish that my life works be shared and to emerge as a collection of artistic expression and representation of the beauty that exist in the world. I believe that everyone needs a unique piece of art in their home. I provide many unique pieces of art that individuals will be sure to appeal to those who enjoy and love nature as I do. My photographs allow people to take a little of that beauty that has brought me so much joy home.

Chad Davis

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Raccoon portrait by Chad Davis


Sumatran Tiger by Chad Davis


Little field of Yellow daises by Chad Davis


Purple Glossy Starling by Chad Davis


Flowers of the garden by Chad Davis


It's tasty by Chad Davis


Silver back yan by Chad Davis


Violet Lillies by Chad Davis


Red leafs of the maple by Chad Davis


YellowStone Falls by Chad Davis


Superb Starling by Chad Davis


Little Lilly by Chad Davis


Eastern Blue Bird by Chad Davis


Great White Egret by Chad Davis


North Horizon by Chad Davis


I'm Lonely by Chad Davis


Lilac Breasted Roller by Chad Davis


Yellow an Purple Tulips by Chad Davis


Weathering the Cold by Chad Davis


Vine on my Fence by Chad Davis


Green pool of Yellowstone by Chad Davis


Purple Flowers by Chad Davis


Delightful beauty by Chad Davis


Bridge of Loose Park by Chad Davis


Buoy Boat by Chad Davis


Boots on the Wall by Chad Davis


Brandt's Cormorants by Chad Davis


Boat Buoy by Chad Davis


Field of White and Yellow by Chad Davis


Yellow Beauty by Chad Davis


Red Flower of Africa by Chad Davis


Orange Flowers by Chad Davis


River Rock by Chad Davis


Aspen Trees by Chad Davis


The One Flower by Chad Davis


The Cheetah in Grass by Chad Davis


Perched Roller by Chad Davis


The Water's Front by Chad Davis


Light House by Chad Davis


Baby Fawns by Chad Davis


The Pink Rose by Chad Davis


My Yellow Rose by Chad Davis


Colorado Columbine by Chad Davis


Mnt. Rushmore by Chad Davis


Rushmore by Chad Davis


Mount Rushmore by Chad Davis


Talking Superb Starling by Chad Davis


Superb Starling Lookout by Chad Davis

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