Cheryl Korb - Fine Artist

Cheryl Korb

Dalton , PA - United States








Cheryl Korb

Dalton , PA - United States

Cheryl Korb - Fine Artist

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April 30th, 2007







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About Cheryl Korb

Pennsylvania native, living where I grew up. After raising three children and stealing some time for painting when I could , I now paint full time. I enjoy painting country scenes, using the countryside around where I live as natural inspiration. I like to find old picture frames and then stretch a canvas to fit. Then I choose a season in my head and go from there. I use a limited pallette and the painting just grows with a life of its own. I use lots of mountains and fields and barns and pastures and animals. I love to do mountains in the background, then many distant fields and woods and farms tucked into hills and valleys, then as the painting progresses and the objects get closer, I go into more detail. Milk cows and horses and pigs and chickens and sheep, they are my favorites. Sizes vary from miniature to panoramic.

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Springtime by Cheryl Korb


Trout Fishing by Cheryl Korb


Full Moon Valley by Cheryl Korb


A Little Celebration by Cheryl Korb


Wintery Evening by Cheryl Korb


Springtime in the Valley by Cheryl Korb


April is Delightful by Cheryl Korb


The Fair by Cheryl Korb


Wickham Sign by Cheryl Korb


Afternoon Sleigh Ride by Cheryl Korb


Ralph's Hill by Cheryl Korb


September Day by Cheryl Korb


Happy Day by Cheryl Korb


Distant Riders by Cheryl Korb


Wood Duck Creek by Cheryl Korb


Two Geese by Cheryl Korb

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