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Chrissy Skeltis

Mesa, AZ - United States








Chrissy Skeltis

Mesa, AZ - United States

Chrissy Skeltis - Fine Artist

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About Chrissy Skeltis

WELCOME :) Thank you so much for looking / Everything Deeply DISCOUNTED ! Up to 75%, I am helping out my family and you are getting an incredible deal. It's a win-win situation please take a look around.

Fine art giclees. Photography on Canvas looks like a beautiful oil painting on the wall. On acrylic or metal is quite amazing too.

I live in Mesa Arizona with my husband of 25 years and 3 boys. I absolutley love taking pictures, especially of nature, and have learned
through the input of friends, family, photographers, and artists that I 'have an eye for it'. I welcome people's input and am thankful
for all those who have believed in me. My inspiration ;
I love to take pictures of nature because it reminds me of God's love. All the beauty and aesthetics He has put in place just to bless us.
I call God 'The Great Artist'.
Sunrises are beautiful and speak of a brand new beginning every day.Sunsets are beautiful and soothing to quiet our hectic days.
Ocean waves quiet our souls and the salty ocean breezes are healing to our bodies.
I think of the millions of things God has formed and made as being a testament, to God being into life and abundance.
Just think of how many times one little flower can reproduce itself.
My mother was a great artist whom I deeply admired while my ability at drawing was stick people:) my mother always told me
I was artistic in different ways, so I am working on developing that through the eye of the camera.
For now I consider my greatest artistic ability as having an eye for capturing beauty through the lense of a camera.
The images I take are things that caught my attention like little 'capsules in time' of just a taste of God's loving artistry.
I have also begun to play with some of my images to produce unique imagery, I must admit , it brings me joy > so fun :)
It is my hope that some of these images will inspire and lift up your soul.I originally marketed them specifically as gallery wrapped giclees
on canvas,in this manner they are exquisite and grace the walls as pieces of fine art that resemble the look of an oil painting. Of course beauty is in the eye of the holder so whatever tickles your fancy, Paper, Canvas, Metal :)

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Perspective by Chrissy Skeltis


Rise Up by Chrissy Skeltis


Sunset In The Sky by Chrissy Skeltis


Polished Sky by Chrissy Skeltis


There is always hope by Chrissy Skeltis


Swoosh by Chrissy Skeltis


Red Sky by Chrissy Skeltis


Majestic by Chrissy Skeltis


Easy by Chrissy Skeltis


Magenta Pop by Chrissy Skeltis


Sweet Magnolia by Chrissy Skeltis


Bell Rock by Chrissy Skeltis


Cali Sunset by Chrissy Skeltis


Flying High by Chrissy Skeltis


Orang Delight by Chrissy Skeltis


Dancing with the Moon by Chrissy Skeltis


Billows by Chrissy Skeltis


Afternoon Delight by Chrissy Skeltis


Pretty in Pink by Chrissy Skeltis


Inspired By the Moment by Chrissy Skeltis


Behold 3 by Chrissy Skeltis


Blue Mesa 2 by Chrissy Skeltis


Blue Mesa Dreaming by Chrissy Skeltis


Blue Mesa 3 by Chrissy Skeltis

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