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Christie Morgans

Corolla, NC - United States








Christie Morgans

Corolla, NC - United States

Christie Morgans - Fine Artist

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About Christie Morgans

At a very young age I realized I was an Artist. Drawings, paintings, clay sculptures, murals, any medium really, in order to produce something unique, to give to someone to make them smile. The simple act of creating was and has always been what motivates me. And the response of giving joy to someone is still why I am an Artist.

In this fast paced world, I think that sometimes we don’t notice the beauty all around us. I think the Artist job is to remind us all to “see” the beauty. In the Renaissance times, Artists were held at a higher esteem if they could produce works that might be worthy of the creator. I think in some way, I feel that same drive to produce something as beautiful as what I see in nature. The natural beauty from our creator is perfect. And even in the imperfections of the ordinary, there is beauty to “see.”

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled all over America, and have seen some of the most extraordinary places. I started taking photographs along the way, and now looking back I wish I had taken even more! When I take a photograph, I see a painting, or at least its potential.

The photography software of today makes it easy enhance what is already beautiful, and it can resemble a painting. However, for me, I only like to enhance a photographs color or lighting. Beyond that, I would rather get out the paint! I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery of work and some of my original illustrations and designs. I hope you find something that you will treasure and that makes you smile.

I am currently a member of Carolina's Nature Photographers Association. I can do custom orders (adjust colors, tones, make into B&W images, and even enlarge further that what is shown as available on this site) Just leave me a message, or contact me by the email shown. Thanks for visiting my gallery!

Note: The Watermarks shown on photographs on this site, will not appear on any ordered photographs.
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Cradled in Time III by Christie Morgans


Blue Heron by Christie Morgans


Distant Memories by Christie Morgans


Watercolors like Monet by Christie Morgans


One Branch by Christie Morgans


Big Sky Country by Christie Morgans


Watercolors by Christie Morgans


Angelic Magnolia by Christie Morgans


Blue Sunflowers by Christie Morgans


Break of Dawn in the Fog by Christie Morgans


Ocean Mist by Christie Morgans


Shadow Dancer by Christie Morgans


Soft Magnolia II by Christie Morgans


Pale Rose in the Light by Christie Morgans


Sweet Kittens by Christie Morgans


Blonde Dahlia by Christie Morgans


Spotlights by Christie Morgans


Sun Sea and Sand by Christie Morgans


Competing for the Sun by Christie Morgans


Atlantic Sunrise by Christie Morgans


Dark Chocolate Rose by Christie Morgans


Water Lily by Moonlight by Christie Morgans


Beautiful Curves by Christie Morgans


Orchids in Sunlight by Christie Morgans

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