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Christopher Carter

Salt Lake City, UT - United States








Christopher Carter

Salt Lake City, UT - United States

Christopher Carter - Fine Artist

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About Christopher Carter

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain

Today is a good day to be alive. I have no formal training in art but I have learned by reading books and watching how to videos. I think everyone has artistic ability's but some are more inclined and have raw natural tallent than others. In my opinion taste and talent are two different things. Just because you put some blue circles and some red strawberry shaped blobs on paper and call it abstract you are really not that talented. On the other hand if you develop your abstract art to be consistent and you can evoke a feel out of a painting or a person from looking at that painting then you have talent. You can have great talent but pick objects or use styles that don't appeal to most people, that is fine to but for just anyone to throw some paint on paper and say that its “fine art” is not really what I'm interested in. I do try to make amazing pieces of art, sometimes I let it flow and is quite free, other times I am almost militant in the way I want lines and shapes to form and the shading must be perfect. Once I repainted a hill in a panting eight different times because I was not happy with any of previous ones all to be mostly covered by pine trees that grew in front of the hills. I hope that I can evoke a feeling out of you when you see my art. I do have a lot of different feels and styles but I also understand that my style, technique and subjects are not for everyone, but I do think that you will be able to appreciate that there is a certain amount of effort/energy that is in my art. Some of my art pieces take a part of my with it, as I use a brush I transform my movements into a sunset. I mix paint, my brain calculates the shading and structure of the reference picture, I use hand eye coordination to move my hand and wrist to twist and pull and mash the bristles onto the canvase to produce an image that evokes a feeling or emotion, that my friends is truly magical. I thank you for looking at my art, my interpretations, my energy transformed. Thank You! - Christopher

. I have a BS in Psychology but I love nature and painting so that is where I'm going in my life right now. more.....way more to come. :) enjoy.

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Castle Neuschwanstein by Christopher Carter


Tree of Time by Christopher Carter


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Alaska Cove by Christopher Carter


Ocean Crest by Christopher Carter


Gold Coast by Christopher Carter


Uinta MT by Christopher Carter


Star Flower by Christopher Carter


Endless October by Christopher Carter


Roots by Christopher Carter


Sky or Ship by Christopher Carter


Lighthouse Love by Christopher Carter


Sunset Wish by Christopher Carter


Red Knows by Christopher Carter


Ice Lake by Christopher Carter


BigBlue by Christopher Carter


Deep Roots by Christopher Carter


Forest Glow by Christopher Carter


Goodbye Turtle by Christopher Carter


Abstract Park by Christopher Carter


The Buffalo Go by Christopher Carter


Strange Minds by Christopher Carter


Windmill in love with the wind by Christopher Carter

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