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Christopher Kolaczan

Edmonton, AB - Canada








Christopher Kolaczan

Edmonton, AB - Canada

Christopher Kolaczan - Fine Artist

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About Christopher Kolaczan

My biography is pretty simple. My professional background is in biology. A combination of working in the field in Alberta Canada (where I currently live) and my love of outdoor activities helped me develop my interest in photography. The goal was to share some of the beauty in nature that I was gifted enough to be able to work in. Helping people experience places they can't, or at least haven't, on their own.

My methods and philosophy:

Images are produced digitally and may be manipulated to look the way I saw the scene. I try to keep the changes realistic for the most part. Those who are strongly against digital manipulation of images should consider that even black and white film drastically distorts how the image looks on paper vs what the reality of the scene was.

Although it can be expensive to do so I strongly encourage prints to be as large as possible (I know, I have an interest in this so take it as a suggestion). The reason being that scenery and wildlife are really spectacular things. A large print becomes a window on nature and you can easily get lost in the image s if you were standing there looking at it yourself. The effect of a small print is tremendously diminishes. Sales pitch over.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photos. I sincerely hope that my images find a place on your walls. We both benefit from that.

Comments on images are genuinely welcome so don't be shy.

Thank you

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