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Christopher Pringer

Seattle, WA - United States

Christopher Pringer - Fine Artist

Christopher Pringer

Member Since: 07/31/2012

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... Multiple layers of brights and subtles arranged in sacred geometry, maintained pi-ratio proportions - digital art (including from scans of originals on paper), yet often with very 3D surrealistic elements... Themes are based on the Chalice as an integration of the symbolic, ancient and modern, eclectic, and ecumenical unifying-thread-orientation.

The small thumbs (under the 'Artwork' and 'Galleries' tabs) often hide the very detail-rich notes of color and layering, so please click the thumbs if you would like to enjoy them in their larger sizes.

Chalice Art began with a 3+ dimensional form that I 'saw' (or visually conceived) back in the late Spring of 1985. In Spring of '86 I drew up the first full color, albeit 1D, version of the 'Temple Diamond Chalice', done in colored pencil and pen (below). When putting it's design to paper, I used designs drawn up in '85 with the pi-ratio proportions of sacred geometry. This first rendering (shown in the blog, 'Sacred Geometry, Proportion, Function') provided the basis for most of my chalice art. For those so interested, I elaborate on the various eclectic elements in the blog section here as well as at the web site.

Thank you!

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September 26th, 2013

      A far less conceptual intro - to how these thoughts came about - is at the blog, Technical Bio. "The Art is what makes the Science work (integrate) at Chalice Bridge."    Or "The Science that makes the Art work - that then makes the sc... 

Technical Bio

September 26th, 2013

To expand on what I said at the intro/bio page... While I didn't actually 'see' that chalice vision in a phenomenological way (since I knew my mind was creating it), the very 3D vision was far more 'complete' than I've yet been able to illustrate.... 

A SUMMARY Proportion as essential for function: All of the chalice art forms (here) are proportioned in sacred geometry, based on the pi-ratio, which ratio is determinant in micro-electro-magnetic properties, which are critical to molecular relation... 

Upload Notes

September 26th, 2013

The description for the newest gallery, "Light Play": Are they layers of light or layers of solidity? Bright light or blurred color? What amount of contrast creates the right effect in the right place for a given piece of art? Here are a few pieces...