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Chuck Taylor

College Station, TX - United States








Chuck Taylor

College Station, TX - United States

Chuck Taylor - Fine Artist

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About Chuck Taylor

The great war is the war against the imagination. Men and women die when their imagination is overwhelmed by the cheap tricks of the dominant culture. Photography is a way to present a marriage between the great creation outside you and the great gift of imagination within. I bring you color to fire up your soul within, to enliven your dreams, to make you feel joy again. Of course I fail and fail again.
Chuck Taylor often gets ideas meditating on the fish in his neighbor's salt water aquarium. When he becomes a visual artist, he speaks mostly from his brain's happy part--there's not much that's edgy in his photography. He considers color one of his best friends and that's why he doesn't particularly get along well in overcast climates. The sun does more for that just provide vitamin D.
The author photo was taken at Hal Marcus Galleries, El Paso, Texas. Thank you, dear friends.
Chuck Taylor discovered his name on his shoes during track practice. People then weren't brand conscious back then. This Chuck Taylor, the struggling artist Chuck Taylor, wore 'Chuck Taylors' without knowing it throughout his childhood.
Chuck Taylor teaches for a living. The views expressed in his photography do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his employer. He has worked as a children's magician and a bookstore clerk. His most recent book, 'Li-Po Laughing at the Lonely Moon,' can be ordered on the internet from Pecan Grove Press. He has published numerous photos in both print and web magazines since the 1970's.
All images are copyrighted by Chuck Taylor. The watermarks on the images shown here will be removed if an image is purchased.

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New Kyle Field Two by Chuck Taylor


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Door and Window abstract by Chuck Taylor


Broken Window with Nest by Chuck Taylor


Just You My Love by Chuck Taylor


Old Satellite Dishes Texas AM by Chuck Taylor


University DinningTexas AM by Chuck Taylor


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Apartments Swallowed by Chuck Taylor


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Colors Autumn by Chuck Taylor


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Stairs by Chuck Taylor


The Empire Falters by Chuck Taylor


Where Apartments Stand Now by Chuck Taylor


Grass Impressionistic by Chuck Taylor


Wildflower Riot by Chuck Taylor

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