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Cisco Emas

Jacksonville, OR - United States








Cisco Emas

Jacksonville, OR - United States

Cisco Emas - Fine Artist

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About Cisco Emas

Iím the Auguste Rodin of rust sculpture. My work mirrors my life. Fragility and strength are the ultimate contradiction representing the transition from original creation, life, to the ultimate decay, death. In between life and art are molded, shaped, and enhanced, increasing the possibility of existing beyond supposition. I give found rust a second chance to breathe, a new life, new beauty through new eyes not in the original glory of the material but with raw essence, incorporated into a new focus, interacting with new materials.

Rust is my medium integrated with other natural elements. I enjoy creating works of art from the gutter as it were and watching them transform into beautiful objects. I want to share the beauty that I see, but am afraid most miss. I entice the viewer to see the beauty they have passed by, time and time again, through new eyes, in the possibility of renewal.

My work is in constant flux. Rust can be transformed into anything, and it can come from anywhere. Nature is my teacher; it speaks to me through the objects I find. There is history in rust, like a fossilized rock that we might pick up on the beach. It is a mystery to unfold, to decipher: Where did it come from? What does it want to be? Who touched it before? Who made it? It can be esoteric and ordinary, again the contradiction we all can equate to our lives.

My passion with rust began with making jewelry; earrings, amulets and necklaces. As my understanding grew, so have my pieces. I have created a wall twenty five feet long, screens six to twelve feet, and entry gates all with the purpose of observing the transitioning metals change. My newer work is more refined, more purposeful for the examination of life itself, the recreation of beauty from the beauty within.

~In Joy~

Painting again, having a blast with my current project in the round. It's a 'doggy dog world', my world, the happy and contented, the loyal and committed...let the world revolve around a 'doggy dog world', and you will see a whole new beginning of man. I'm throwing in a few kittens and cats too just because.... well they baffle me.

~Living the doggy dog life~

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