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CJ Schmit

Wauwatosa, WI - United States








CJ Schmit

Wauwatosa, WI - United States

CJ Schmit - Fine Artist

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About CJ Schmit

I am just a guy in his early 40's who figured out around 2004 he had an eye for photography and has been improving his eye ever since. I am a 3rd generation photographer on my fathers side of the family, both my grandfather and father were avid photographers also.

I shoot all sorts of subjects but Landscape and Cityscape are my two favorites to work with. I have been doing more and more model photography and portrait work as of late and honing my skills with lighting and posing but still go back to my roots of Landscape and Cityscape.

My favorite medium to work with is monochrome, I still do color but prefer monochrome over color in most cases. I love making the viewer look at the details and subject over the bright colors. I am more about the details in most of my work than anything else.

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Wauwatosa Christmas 2013 by CJ Schmit


December Snow by CJ Schmit


Iron Skeleton by CJ Schmit


Castle Pabst by CJ Schmit


History Alive by CJ Schmit


Bronzeville View by CJ Schmit


Bench for Two by CJ Schmit


Hide Behind Windows by CJ Schmit


The Daisy by CJ Schmit


Misty Grey by CJ Schmit


Box Light Trees by CJ Schmit


Soo Caboose by CJ Schmit


Withstood Time by CJ Schmit


Pritzlaff at Night by CJ Schmit


Autumn on the Course by CJ Schmit


Dr. Fisk Holbrook Day Residence by CJ Schmit


Bridge Between Seasons by CJ Schmit


Stacked Out by CJ Schmit


Degraded by CJ Schmit


Freak Out by CJ Schmit


Thirty-Two Stories by CJ Schmit


Clouded Sunset by CJ Schmit


River Colors by CJ Schmit


Rock Steady by CJ Schmit

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