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Claudia Tuli

Enterprise, AL - United States








Claudia Tuli

Enterprise, AL - United States

Claudia Tuli - Fine Artist

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About Claudia Tuli

Hi my Name is Claudia Tuli,

Live is beautiful and full of colors….that is my Life philosophy. I try to see the beauty in everything.
I am pretty much self taught and started painting in the end of the 90ies but had not so much time to paint as I my job kept me occupied. I am originally from Augsburg/Germany and lived & worked from 2005-2010 in Amersfoort/Netherlands and now in the USA.I love happy, strong, impressive and vibrant colors, which reflect me and how I see the world or I want to see the world. My choice of color is often inspired by various influences, such as my mood at the time of painting, as well as the weather, the seasons, or travel. I try to capture a whimsical atmosphere in some of my paintings. As an artist, I believe the process of creating is an endless journey.

Thanks for stopping by,
all the best
Claudia Tuli
visit my website for my other creative activities TrashPompDiva Website

Please note. All artwork in this gallery is the original artwork of Claudia Tuli. It is for sale and copyrighted to Claudia Tuli and is protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. These artworks may NOT be reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of the artist. All Rights Reserved. Thank you.

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Sacred Bald Eagle by Claudia Tuli


When The Raven Returned The Light by Claudia Tuli


Seeds Of Love black by Claudia Tuli


Seeds Of Love white by Claudia Tuli


Willy The Whale Fish by Claudia Tuli


2 Koi 's In Love by Claudia Tuli


Sweet Nectar for The Hummingbird by Claudia Tuli


Happy Feelings Will Attract More Happy Circumstances by Claudia Tuli


The Twins by Claudia Tuli


American Soul by Claudia Tuli


Buddha Mandala by Claudia Tuli


Queen Bee and the nectar of the gods by Claudia Tuli


The smiling Toucan by Claudia Tuli


Lola keep the fire burning by Claudia Tuli


Leticia by Claudia Tuli


Electra by Claudia Tuli


Luna and the frog by Claudia Tuli


The Woman And The Dove Of Peace by Claudia Tuli


Tropical Fish by Claudia Tuli


Springtime by Claudia Tuli


Flower On Red Hill by Claudia Tuli


Spring by Claudia Tuli


Octopus by Claudia Tuli


little Buddha by Claudia Tuli

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   |   Images = 32





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