Cliff Hawley - Fine Artist

Cliff Hawley

San Antonio, TX - United States








Cliff Hawley

San Antonio, TX - United States

Cliff Hawley - Fine Artist

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October 8th, 2009







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About Cliff Hawley

To view any of my paintings in greater detail go to my wesite - Be sure to read the descriptions of each piece there and at this site.

I am a native Texan, residing in the Hill Country north of San Antonio with my wife of 39 years. I attended Bible College with the intention of full time ministry. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I was neither pastor, preacher, teacher, evangelist nor missionary material. When asking God what I was, the simple answer was, “You’re an artist.” Creativity was my gift, and I've since learned that the more time I spend with the Creator, the more creative I become.

So over the years, since bible school, I have published numerous prints including the Warriors series for which I am best known, illustrated books and album covers for Christian authors and music artists. And recently I have pushed my creativity into video production where I've produced documentaries and films that address the social issues facing young women today.
(See films here. )

A note about my prints. If your on a budget, buy the print closest to 12x16 size. You will then be able to purchase a frame with glass at that size from your local hobby store. You'll save a ton.

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Warriors Triumphant by Cliff Hawley


Warriors Dragon Slayer by Cliff Hawley


Warriors Creed by Cliff Hawley


Warriors by Cliff Hawley


Walk Beside Me by Cliff Hawley


In The Shade of the White Dove by Cliff Hawley


Donita by Cliff Hawley


Runnin' in the Rain by Cliff Hawley


The Graduate by Cliff Hawley


Beachykeen by Cliff Hawley


Tired of Retirement by Cliff Hawley


Refuge in the Shadow by Cliff Hawley


Morning Invitiation by Cliff Hawley


The Bridge Home by Cliff Hawley


Will You Trust Me by Cliff Hawley


A Friend Loves At All Times by Cliff Hawley


Wings As Eagles by Cliff Hawley


Let The Wind Blow by Cliff Hawley


Fearless - Psalm 27 by Cliff Hawley


Early Will I Seek Thee by Cliff Hawley


I Am the Way by Cliff Hawley


Wejesgotstatrust by Cliff Hawley


Mission San Jose Angel by Cliff Hawley


Mission San Jose Bell Tower by Cliff Hawley

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