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Clint Crawford

Spokane, WA - United States








Clint Crawford

Spokane, WA - United States

Clint Crawford - Fine Artist

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About Clint Crawford

A bit about myself...
Well, my name is Clint Crawford. I’m 56 years young. I’ve always been into photography but didn’t start getting into it seriously until the late 80’s. Up until that time my mom had always drilled into my head “Always make sure you have someone in your picture or it will look to much like a postcard”…then in 1987 it hit me…Wow,Postcard=Prints=Framed work= Possible Career, or at the very least I might be able to make a few bucks. So I started a small (very small) business called “Cameras Eye Photography” selling my prints framed in three different sizes. I had a buddy with a frame shop who let me do my own framing for the cost of the materials, so my overhead wasn’t that bad. Things went very well for a while, then Murphy's law took over, my wife and I separated followed shortly thereafter by divorce, the frame shop closed its doors.No more deals on framing. Between that and the cost of film, developing, enlarging, Framing, Ect Ect, the costs were burying me. To top it off I became a single parent of a one year old daughter (which was a good thing).Time to get a full time job that would pay the bills.So I put my photography career on hold indefinitely. Then in Late August of 2009 my now Grown up daughter was in a terrible accident. We spent eight weeks at Harborview Medical Center, her in the Burn Unit and me in a chair next to her..Needless to say it was a VERY Stressful time for both of use. We both came home right after her 21st Birthday..Then Meg , being the wonderful child that she is gave me a Canon T1i for my birthday with the instructions 'Dad, you’ve been thru Hell the last 2 months,get back into your photography, It's what you love to do' ( love that kid :-) Which brings me to the present time. I recently acquired a Canon 5 D Mark II ...Finally after 25 years, a professional camera ;-).. After shooting scenics and such for the last year I am now constantly told 'Clint, get people in your pictures, you'll make a better living that way'. So here I am, having gone full circle as it were….I hope you enjoy your visit and perhaps I’ll hear from you soon….Peace

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