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Constance Woods

Wylie, TX - United States








Constance Woods

Wylie, TX - United States

Constance Woods - Fine Artist

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About Constance Woods

Hello, welcome to my website. This is the fusion of my photography and my digital painting.

You can order the new 'Until Shiloh Comes' and other artwork directly from

I rediscovered 'the artist inside of me' several years ago by taking my personal photography as my canvas and painting on it with digital tools. This has opened up a whole new level of illustrating for me. What I love to do most with my artwork is when God leads my hands to illustrate what He shows my spirit. All creativity originates with Him, I like to call him by Elohim. (Hebrew for our supreme Creator) Every new image is a joyful experience to receive from Him. My desire is that each image created will be a catalyst for the Spirit of the Lord to touch people in a unique and personal way. People receive healing, restoration, renewed hope, greater faith, fresh vision, and encouragement through my artwork. That is because God chooses to anoint certain works for His kingdom purposes. I know this because I've heard story after story of people telling me what they experienced when they see the art. God loves all people! He is delighted when we desire and receive His gifts!

When we moved from Colorado to Texas in 2004, the Lord showed me how to truly rest in Him. There was a lot of time for me to be alone with the Lord, and to pour into my artwork. The Lord brought me a lot of healing from a lengthy traumatic season. God restored my joy and vitality of life. There was a particular time where I sensed God 'broke open a deep well of creativity inside of me,' and from the place where I had experienced deep pain and suffering over years ~ came forth Beauty; Revelation; Intimacy with God; Insight to facets of His Character; Aspects of His Bride; all pouring out of me. I hope that you find something here that sparks your interest that you consider of value in your life today.

Constance lives with her husband, Woody, north of Dallas. They have four grown children and two grandchildren. Particular areas of interest: music; worship; art; photography; travel; hiking; friendships; movies.

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