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Courtney Bailey

Mesa, AZ - United States

Courtney Bailey - Fine Artist

Courtney Bailey

Member Since: 01/18/2012

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“You’re a juxtaposed artist, Courtney; an artist striving to be to be too many things all at once.” It was completely true, and extremely difficult to market. This fact, more than anything, drove the gallery curators completely mad. My artwork style was nearly impossible to fit into a neat, clean, category box.

For me though, being a Juxtaposed Artist has always been a unique and fortunate experience; I’m a Painter, a Photographer, a sculptor, a renderist, a landscape architect, a ecologist, a writer. I’ll work in any medium with any materials available; Concrete, Acrylic, Watercolor, Colored pencil, marker, Wood, plants. I’ll work in any Style; Minimalism, Abstract expressionism, abstract colorist, industrial design. After all, these things are tools for the artist, ways to turn thoughts into a visual expression. My style was never about the canvas type, the materials used, or the style; it’s about the story.

I’ve always viewed my art form as - the act of knowing how to see; gathering up all my private moments of experience, specialized information, and then turning all of that, into a visual representation of the human experience and something the reflects our current zeitgeist.

My artwork, as a visual medium, should be seen as a roadmap. The result is just one path, one journey, how someone else’s eyes can look out and into the world. Intrinsically the starting point of this the journey and experience is mine; … but the destination of the story, that belongs to the viewer. That belongs to you. It is up to each individual to take with them, not any particular brand of truth, but the possibility of uncovering experience and personal meaning from the stories I provide.

To read more about Me and the artwork I create, check out my webpage:!about-artist/c240r

AcryiCrete and abstract watercolors-
These works are a celebration of color, texture and energy. For me, the medium of abstract, allows me to produce images that convey emotions of a whimsical and joyful nature.
-AcryliCrete™ - a concrete texture medium in bold colors; painted on large wood panels.
-Watercolor – abstract watercolors and acrylic; painted on large wood panels

I photograph the world; not the picturesque world of nature’s perfection (although sometimes even I can’t help myself) but the state of the world that surrounds us. Our zeitgeist. My photography is about the ‘spirit of our times’ showing, and telling the stories, about the world our children will inherit from us; for better or worse.

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Courtney Bailey - Zen Tree

Zen Tree

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Temptation of Red

Temptation of Red

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Phoenix Sunset

Phoenix Sunset

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Moonrise


Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Eyes Under the Gate

Eyes Under the Gate

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Urban Bamboo

Urban Bamboo

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Cacti Orange

Cacti Orange

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Custom watercolor...

Custom watercolor...

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Custom Abstract art

Custom Abstract art

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Custom corporate Art

Custom corporate Art

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Custom Corporate...

Custom Corporate...

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Custom Home Art

Custom Home Art

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Ocean stone

Ocean stone

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Pink Cactus flower

Pink Cactus flower

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Wild butterfly

Wild butterfly

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Ice plants

Ice plants

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Water on sand

Water on sand

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Custom Art

Custom Art

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Ice plant Squirrel

Ice plant Squirrel

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Desert Moth

Desert Moth

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey - Purple Prickly Pear...

Purple Prickly Pear...

Courtney Bailey

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   |   Image Count = 55