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Pune, MH - India

Creations - Fine Artist

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About Creations

Welcome to our art gallery- 'Creations'- with an extravaganza of unique colors and concepts. We are based in Pune, India with domestic as well as worldwide buyers. Started as an exhibition cum sale of my father's original paintings (folk art, abstract paintings, Lord Ganesha paintings and aboriginal or tribal art) while me being in Sydney, Australia, way back in 2008, we now have a small team of art lovers and talented artists who have passion for variety of art and colors. We provide art products through fineartamerica and we have a long list of artwork types such as fine art photography, original paintings, prints and reproductions and many more custom artwork products (such as artwork trays, tea coasters etc). Some of these available upon inquiry.

Enjoy our artworks and stay tuned!!!

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Black and white by Pallavi Karve


Togetherness by Pallavi Karve


Yellows and peacock by Pallavi Karve


Go unplugged with music by Pallavi Karve


Coffee time by Pallavi Karve


Red and rains by Pallavi Karve


Matters of heart by Pallavi Karve


Raindrops and roses by Pallavi Karve


Mother daughter by Pallavi Karve


Refreshing with nature by Pallavi Karve


Vintage car by Pallavi Karve


Vintage camera by Pallavi Karve


Vintage floppy by Pallavi Karve


Vintage Bike by Pallavi Karve


Couples delight by Chintaman Rudra


Romance in blue by Chintaman Rudra


Lord Ganesha- Unique Abstraction by Chintaman Rudra


Liberated by Chintaman Rudra


Cool and graphical Lord Ganesha by Chintaman Rudra


Lost in love by Chintaman Rudra


Togetherness by Chintaman Rudra


Chase by Chintaman Rudra


Close to heart by Chintaman Rudra


I set you free by Chintaman Rudra


Surfing time by Makarand Joshi


Place of worship built with red stones by Makarand Joshi


Who is that by Chintaman Rudra


In Search Of Shelter by Makarand Joshi


Boats and birds in a creek by Makarand Joshi


A village and a nearby mountain drenched in rains by Makarand Joshi


A rocky beach with a light house n waves n birds by Makarand Joshi


An Evening in Style by Shilpa Mehta


Still life with a flask n pomegranate n bananas and a news paper by Makarand Joshi


Light Oozing Through Foliage by Makarand Joshi


Our secrets by Sanam Patil


Romance in blue by Chintaman Rudra


Vast scene from a plateau with cattle by Makarand Joshi


Abstract Threes by Shilpa Mehta


Abstract with a circle by Makarand Joshi


I can hear your hands swinging by Makarand Joshi


Sanskrit Calligrapgy by Makarand Joshi


Retreating Afternoon by Makarand Joshi


Home Alone by Makarand Joshi


Arms by Chintaman Rudra


Mountain landscape with rocky plateau by Makarand Joshi


With you by Chintaman Rudra


Strings and music by Makarand Joshi


A cat drawing by Makarand Joshi

Search Within This Portfolio

   |   Images = 232




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