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Curt Johnson

Priest River, ID - United States








Curt Johnson

Priest River, ID - United States

Curt Johnson - Fine Artist

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Curtis A Johnson ( CAJ AUTOIMAGES )
My professional background is in graphic arts & technical illustration; this explains the emphasis I give to technical detail & graphic presentation. Growing up in Southern California made it impossible for me not to become a gear head. Retirement & an understanding wife have given me time to revisit the passion of my youth, through the business of producing Automotive Fine Art Prints.
My taste in Artists and Automobiles has been called eclectic, this accounts for the diversity of styles and different automotive groups you will find while visiting my galleries. When processing images, graphic styles and abstract qualities are very important considerations, but the cars themselves are always foremost in my mind. I'm honored to be published by FAA & Flickr and I'm thankful to have become a contributor to a variety of automotive blogs. This success of my flickr photo-spread (450,000 views) has encouraged me to offer these images to my flickr-fans. And now you too are invited to collect, share, and enjoy them.
My passion is simply this, creating representational images of historically significant automobiles.
A large number of my images are available in bulk from my website

Curtis A Johnson

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Ferrari at Le Mans by Curt Johnson


Ferrari 250GT on Track by Curt Johnson


Ferrari-Lancia D50 by Curt Johnson


Ferrari 550 BBRM 1980 by Curt Johnson


Ferrari 500 Mondial Colage by Curt Johnson


Ferrari 250 TR Layout by Curt Johnson


Ferrari 250GT Red Glow by Curt Johnson


Ferrari Kings Row by Curt Johnson


Schumacher's Ride by Curt Johnson


Ferrari Hand Built by Curt Johnson


Ferrari TCR by Curt Johnson


Porsche #49 by Curt Johnson


Porsche Carrera Brake by Curt Johnson


Cobra Sans Paint by Curt Johnson


Bugatti Gas Cap by Curt Johnson


Bugatti on Track by Curt Johnson


Porsche 356 Long Shadow by Curt Johnson


Porsche 356 by Curt Johnson


Porsche 906 1966 Cockpit by Curt Johnson


Porsche Racing Le Mans by Curt Johnson


Porsche 356 Speedster Abstract by Curt Johnson


Porsche 917K Rolex Historic by Curt Johnson


Porsche 908 Yellow Nose by Curt Johnson


Porsche 356 Speedster Profile by Curt Johnson

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