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Cynthia Decker

Asheville, NC - United States








Cynthia Decker

Asheville, NC - United States

Cynthia Decker - Fine Artist

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About Cynthia Decker

My work is a calculated combination of the familiar and the impossible, of the realistic and the fantastic. It's my hope that each image in my gallery is an inviting place to explore, where the viewer is drawn into the scene and can complete the story that I have begun to tell.

As a child, I would draw and paint at any opportunity. My parents were both in technology fields, and we had a computer in the house when not very many people had home computers. I doodled on used punch cards and stacks of green and white striped pin fed computer paper. I began drawing —pixel by pixel, in monochrome—on an Apple II computer when I was about 13. Throughout high school and college I eagerly tried any and every new paint or drawing program, I studied design, and also continued working in traditional media; pastels, acrylics and oils. I left college early to begin a graphic design career and continued to teach myself and explore new digital media.

I began using 3D software in 1998 and was immediately hooked. Initially, my portfolio was exclusively online, and I was invited to participate in many web-based galleries and my images seemed to generate a lot of interest and I won many awards and accolades over the years. People began requesting prints through my website and after doing research into fine art printing, I began creating and selling high resolution archival prints of my work in 2003. That same year I had my first solo show and started selling my framed images at a permanent gallery space near my home in Asheville, NC, where I am still represented. Since then I have shown and sold work all over the world, in both digital and physical galleries.

I believe that artists should use and enjoy all available means of creative expression. Digital imagery is finding its place in the art world, and I hope that artists and art lovers everywhere continue to push the boundaries of what constitutes a fine art medium.


The images in this gallery are not photographs, nor did they begin as photographs. They are 2-dimensional still images that have been rendered from 3-dimensional digital environments that I created. The places and ideas depicted in my gallery exist only in my imagination, and hopefully now, in yours as well.

The art of 3D rendering incorporates various traditional artistic concepts, but relies on pixels instead of paint, a computer mouse instead of a brush, and digital geometry instead of clay.

The images begin with programs that allow the artist to create digital wireframe objects. The wireframes are created with lines or curves, defined by geometry in 3D space. The objects include almost everything you see when you look at these images — clouds, flowers, landforms, people, animals — everything begins with a digital wireframe.

Once completed, the wireframe objects are then wrapped with color and texture created specifically for that object. The software allows the artist to specify exactly how and where the texture is applied to each object in a scene.

At this point the artist uses the software to assemble the scene. Objects are scaled, rotated, and moved into position to create the completed environment. Effects such as lighting and atmospherics are created and applied. In the final step, the scene is rendered. The computer creates a high-resolution 2D image (essentially a snapshot) of the finished 3D environment. Images can take anywhere from 40 to well over 100 hours from concept to completion.

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