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D Rogale

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D Rogale

Seattle, WA - United States

D Rogale - Fine Artist

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About D Rogale

Since I started painting almost four years ago, I have been hearing people say that it takes every artist a little time to Ďfind their voiceí. While that made sense to me, I still didnít know what they were really talking about. However, I now can confidently say that I have found my voice within my art, and now that I have, so many other occurrences on this journey make sense to me now, where they did not before.

My art and the techniques that produce it were created in a vacuum. By that I mean very little, if any, outside influences sculpted them or me. I did read a couple of books, but attended no classes or workshops. I simply stocked up on materials and started paintingÖA LOT; to the tune of 12-16 hrs per day, 7 days a week, except for Christmas and Thanksgiving! I envision some of the old masters from five or six centuries ago who developed their skill simply by painting over a lifetime of love for art and without the benefit of YouTube or an Art Degree. They learned by doing the thing they wished to someday master. That is my path. Because of that, my style with pastel paints is very unique and different, and thatís OK with me. Iím sure that style is still evolving, as I hope it will until I am no longer painting. I value experiencing this journey of discovery I am on as much or more than my eventual goal; being recognized as a master in my craft one day. While that day may yet be a ways off, I still have something to say through my work as I grow, and hope to add value to the lives of those who see it.

That leads me to my voice. I have finally come to understand the voice that whispers inspiration for each piece of my work; sometimes in a series, and sometimes as an individual piece of art. Regardless, most pieces carry a specific message and are destined for a person facing a specific situation in life. While I wouldn't want to discourage you from buying a piece of my work just because you like the way it looks, I would much rather have you find one that carries a message that resonates with you at this particular point of your journey. If you canít find it in my collection, then I will make one for you personally.Life can be mundane, then instantly change into a period of great joy or pain. When that happens our tendency is to think that nobody could possibly know how we feel in that moment. My belief that life is a shared experience drives me to paint moments and things that we all experience, enjoy or endure, hoping to build a stronger connection even as world events seem to drive us apart.

To me, art is like a beautiful woman that holds a doctorate; so much more than just a pretty face(sup mama). Itís something that adorns your inner sanctum; your home. Itís something you walk by 20-30 times per day, if not more, and while you may think you donít notice it hanging there all of the time, your sub-conscious mind misses nothing. Now, if the message attached to the piece of art affirms you, encourages you, and reminds you of your greatness and destiny, or a very important value or goal, that piece of art now becomes priceless and an irreplaceable advocate for your continued happiness and personal growth; all while silently and beautifully hanging on your wall.

That is what Art 4 Life is all about, and I can proudly state that is what D. Rogale was born to do. You will see a great variety of work in my galleries, because I like to paint lots of different things. Most of my images feature or contain people because I really enjoy trying to depict the human condition; as it is, as it was, and always how it could be. One thing that you will be seeing a lot more of are images of athletes that have paid the price to become the best of the best in their sport. Those images really cover a lot of ground for me, and I think will resonate with a lot of you as well. I would love your feedback as I finish and begin posting them. If you have any questions or special requests, please e-mail me and I will respond promptly with whatever help I can offer. Thanks for taking the time to visit today, and I hope to hear from you soon! D~

Please watch this...http://students.washington.edu/richarme/

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