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Dabrowski Waldemar

Wroclaw, do - Poland

Dabrowski Waldemar - Fine Artist

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About Dabrowski Waldemar

Dabrowski, Waldemar Miroslaw. Started his career in the 1980's. From 1985 to 1989, employed at Art Bureau in Wroclaw. Techniques: painting, drawing, computer graphics. Work: designs logos, posters, logotypes, advertisements, visual identification systems for corporations, and web pages; develops computer generated photographs and retouches them, prepares texts for publication. Participated in many group shows, had one-artist-shows. Collections: in Poland and abroad.
Commentary to pictures: http://www.malarstwodmw.artist.pl/kartony/komentarz_kartony.htm

Individual exhibitions:
1985 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Club of Film, Music and the Literature
1987 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Academical Centre of Culture the 'Palace'
1987 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, XVI - eternal Aspen Church
1988 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Gallery of Club the 'Index'
1989 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Club of Film, Music and the Literature
1989 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, PP. DESA - Lounge No. 6
1990 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Club of Tourist of PTTK
1992 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Gallery of Student Club
1993 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Municipal Office
1994 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Archaeological Museum
1994 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Gallery 26
1997 - Exhibition of paintings, Olesnica, Gallery MOKiS
1997 - Exhibition of paintings, Silesian Lwowek, 'Black Gallery'
1999 - Exhibition of paintings, Wojnowice, House of Creative Work ,Gallery the 'Introductions', Castle Wojnowice
2000 - Exhibition of paintings, Wroclaw, Wrocław Music hall - Beginning musical season
2002 - Exhibition of paintings - Paintings on canvases, cardboards, graphic artist computer - Wroclaw, Gallery under Plafund - WiMBP
2003 - Exhibition in net - of gallery - artandbusiness.onet.pl/1,31,8,639596,1844654,272458,0,forum.html
2009 - Exhibition of paintings, Gallery 'Art Pub'
2011 - Exhibition of paintings, the Gallery ArtPub - ArtPub Culture - http://artpubgaleria.blogspot.com/
2011 - Exhibition of paintings - Judith Julia Białkowska and Waldemar Dabrowski - 'Defragmentation' - in the Gallery 'IN BLANCO' Balucki Cultural Centre 'Lute' - October, 2011

Collective exhibitions:
1987 - Concurrent exposition, Wroclaw Gallery 'Foto - Medium - Art'
1988 - Painting, Frankfurt n / Menem
1988 - XXIV Province Review of Fine arts, Wroclaw
1989 - The exhibition of painting, graphic art and the sculpture, Wroclaw, KMPiK
1989 - The exhibition II International Open Painting and Sculpture 'Sokolec'
1989 - The exhibition of painting and the graphic art, Wroclaw the Gallery of Club the 'Firlej'
1992 - The part in II auction of works given by Wrocław the artists' artists on thing of ill's children on asthma and the allergy, Wroclaw, Gallery of 'Opus'
1992 - The exhibition of painting, graphic art and the sculpture, Nurnberg
2001 - In Competition on computer graphic arts announced by 'digita' part the (collection of works on CD - of ROM - the ie from 08/09 2001 r.)
2002 - The internet introduction of works on the author's sides of WWW:
2003 - The internet introduction of works in gallery the 'Gusts the Gallery' with opportunity of anniversary the isnienia:
2004 - Exhibition: ON ANNIVERSARY of WAR STATE, the 'Souvenir from underground' in hall of Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts - http://www.asp.wroc.pl/english/o_uczelni_e.htm
2006 - Exhibition of paintings - Gallery Digart - http://dabro.digart.pl/
2008 - Exhibition of paintings - Gallery Variart - http://www.variart.org/index.php?d=galeria&id=2196
2010 - Exhibition artists' groups 'GOLDEN LINE' - Jaroslaw, Gallery 'U ATTAVANTICH' - http://www.ckip.jaroslaw.pl/wystawy/id163,GALERIA-U-ATTAVANTICH-I-PIETRO.html
2010 - Exhibition artists' groups 'GOLDEN LINE' - July '2010, Tarnowskie Gory, Gallery 'Secesja'
2010 - Exhibition of Creative Group 'GOLDEN LINE' and 'Group 4' in Stargard in Gallery 108 in Stargard Cultural Center - November'2010
2010 - Center for Culture and Promotion in Yaroslavl - Gallery 'U Attavantich' collective organizes an exhibition Fri 'Let's relive the' summarizing the activities of exhibition - December'2010
2011 - Exhibition of Creative Group 'GOLDEN LINE' III Art Picnic at the Museum of Technology and Communication Arts at the Depot in Szczecin -
- NEWS - http://www.wiadomosci24.pl/artykul/iii_artystyczna_majowka_w_szczecinie_192077.html
- CATALOGUE - http://www.niralamba.pl/zl_szczecin/katalog/ZL_katalog_Szczecin_2011.pdf
2011 - Exhibition of Creative Group 'GOLDEN LINE' Gallery 'W Remoncie' (Under Renovation) - Sierakow, June - August 2011
- NEWS -
- Poster, Invitation -
2011 - Exhibition at the Gallery ArtPub - 'Landscape' - group exhibition at Gallery Artpub.
2011 - Exhibition at the Gallery 'Malgosia' - Society of Friends of Wroclaw - the title of the exhibition: 'Looks Three' Wroclaw, July' 2011
2012 - Exhibition - 2012 - The Exhibition - Meeting of Artists ''WYWROTA' in 2012 - vernissage of the Gallery artists 'WYWROTA' in Żarki - near Czestochowa (Poland) - Żarki, maj'2012
2012 - Exhibition - Warsaw - IV Golden Line Art Exhibition - GOLDEN LINE - Group of Artists and the Centre for the Promotion of Culture in Prague-South (Warsaw, Poland) - Warsaw, May 2012
2012 - Exhibition - Golden Line Group and the Guests invited to the opening of the exhibition at the New Castle Wisnicz – Museum of the Earth Wisnicz - September - October, 2012
:: Invitation:
:: Catalogue of the exhibition:
::: Information about the exhibition:
2013 - Exhibition -The exhibition titled 'Sacred' Gold Line Creative Group in Krakow
The exhibition 'Sacred' Golden Line was moved from New Castle Wi¶nicz Wi¶nicz - Museum of Wi¶nicki the Civitas Christiana Gallery in Krakow - Garbarska street 9, Krakow.
:: See map:
:: Dabrowski's blog
2013 - Exhibition - Radzyn Podlaski - Exhibition 'PROFANUM' International Group Golden Line in Radzyn Podlaski
- Opening:
May 3, 2013 (Friday), 18:00 - opening + accompanying
May 4, 2013 (Saturday) - Artists - Children
- Place: Radzynski Cultural Centre, John Paul II Street 4, 21-300 Radzyn Podlaski
- website:
- map:
- Duration of the exhibition: 3 May 2013 - 15 June 2013

- Current Exhibition -
2013 - Exhibition - Central Library of Agricultural and Golden Line Group invite you to the 'Autumn Exhibition 2013'
:: The theme of the work presented is BOOKS ::
Opening: 28.09.2013 at. 18:00
- Vernissage
- An Evening of poetry and music
Exposure works to 15.10.2013
- Where?
Central Agricultural Library in Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmiescie street 66, POLAND

In summers 1984-1988, Waldemar's Dabrowskiego works be exposed in frames of collective expositions in Galleries hugged patronage The Office of Artistic Exhibitions in Wroclaw

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