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Dagmar Helbig

St. Michael/Austria, Ca - Austria








Dagmar Helbig

St. Michael/Austria, Ca - Austria

Dagmar Helbig - Fine Artist

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January 3rd, 2008







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About Dagmar Helbig

Dagmar Helbig's
Pictures of humans lead to a mysterious world - the eyes of the protagonists follow the Viewer - a viewpoint from outside and insight.
Build a Bridge of Beauty and pride, of thoughtfulness, love, happyness, telling tales of relationships of joy, melancholy and games - leave room for each to find his own.
Nothing is clear, everything floats.

Dagmar Helbig grew up in Hamburg/Germany, with Austrian roots and is now living in Carinthia/Austria.
From time to time she goes to Mexico-City, to see her Family, to work and exhibit.
I am painting as Long as I can think and my whole life I am working for my art. My grandfather, a painter and art-Professor, worked with me and I am thankful for his advice, his Patience and impatience, his critiques and all his inspirations.

Since 1995 I have shown my works in different exhibitions - here only an abbreviation:
2014/15 Aldershoff, Wolfsberg/Austria
2014 Kunstmesse, Wolfsberg/Austria
2013 Aldershoff, Wolfsberg/Austria
2013 Kustmesse, Wolfsberg/Austria
2012 Art&Design, Wolfsberg/Austria
2009 Art&Design, Wolfsberg/Austria
2009 Gallery Himmel&Erde, Klagenfurt/Austria
2008 Scalaria, St. Wolfgang/Austria
2007 Gallery Zaar, Kamen/Germany
2007 Donautower, Vienna/Austria
2006 Gallery Schloss Erwitte/Germany
2004 Towngallery Wolfsberg/Austria
2003 Gallery Schloss Erwitte/Germany
1998 Museo Nacional de la Aquarela, Mexico-City/Mexico
1997 Instituto Goethe, Mexico-City/Mexico

All Paintings are property of the artist and protected by (c) copyright and the international Copyright Laws. All images on this websites are not public domain, they are all the exclusive property of the artist. All images/paintings can NOT be reproduced without the written authorization of Dagmar Helbig the artist.

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