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Dale Michels

West Union, WV - United States








Dale Michels

West Union, WV - United States

Dale Michels - Fine Artist

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About Dale Michels

Artist Dale Michels a.k.a. B. N. Wonder has a special interest in natural altered states. He is an ecstatic explorer first and an artist second. His art is informed and deepened by his experiences as an ecstatic explorer. As a young man he was told by doctors he only had a few short years to live. This had the effect of slamming him into the moment where the utter beauty of the common place frequently shines through. His primary medium of expression is life and through leading a creative life he has frequently reinvented himself. He had his first gallery one man show while still in high school and did commissioned portraits for members of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Symphony. But with no future tense he began living for experience. He next became a performer, winning a contest as the best comedian in Boston the year before Conan O'Brian. Andy Kaufman would come to Dale's performances in heavy disguise feverishly scribbling notes. But Dale says the high point of his career was being booed by 50,000 people because he didn't look anything like Bonnie Raitte. After he finished amazing the crowd Bonnie came on stage to shake his hand. He's dabbled in entrepreneurship having created an art based mail order business that supported his first family for 16 years. He created a street advertising business that employed other performers and a bus company that provided free transportation. He's built gypsy wagons, radionic instruments, been a ghost writer, street performer, one man pit orchestra, professional illustrator, letterpress printer, shaman showman, frontier science researcher and wind whisperer. You may think that's a lot to do in a few short years. It turned out living in the moment with a high experiential quotient was just what the doctor ordered. So now Dale as B. N. Wonder resides in West Virginia where he brings everything he's learned to bear in artwork designed to help others experience natural altered states.

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Chandler and Price Old Style by Dale Michels


He had the run of the place by Dale Michels


Zedic by Dale Michels


Jack Calhoun by Dale Michels


Celtic Cross by Dale Michels


Psychedelic Steampunk Banjo by Dale Michels


Town Clerk by Dale Michels


Wanted by Dale Michels


This is the Steeple by Dale Michels


Revolutionary War Cemetery by Dale Michels


Horse Trolly by Dale Michels


Old Mill by Dale Michels


New Line by Dale Michels


Homestead by Dale Michels


It's a Dirty World by Dale Michels


Blank Canvas by Dale Michels


Early Self Portrait by Dale Michels


Old City Hall by Dale Michels


Goalie by Dale Michels


Department of Tourism by Dale Michels


Paul Harbin by Dale Michels


Greenthumbs by Dale Michels


Self Portrait by Dale Michels


Sheriff Mike Headley by Dale Michels

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