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Dan Clewell

Battle Creek, MI - United States








Dan Clewell

Battle Creek, MI - United States

Dan Clewell - Fine Artist

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About Dan Clewell

Hello, My Biography... Well, I first realized that I might be an artist when I was in the seventh grade though my Mother says it started much earlier than that. I officially realized in the seventh grade. My two friends, Frank, and Dave, and I, were in mechanical drawing class together. We spent our study halls drawing pictures like hot rods and things that seventh graders draw. We used our mechanical pencils, that’s why I still use mine today. I drew a picture of the Ayatollah Khomeini on a dart board. That was back when Jimmy Carter was our president and the Ayatollah was a real thorn in our side. I copied the face from a news paper cartoon and added a dart board. I guess a dart board is a seventh grader’s Idea of real punishment. The drawing turned out to be an almost exact replica. So I went on from there duplicating photographs to drawings with about a 97% accuracy as far as being able to recognize the person without an accompanying photo. That's when it all started for me. During High School I won a first prize in an art competition between several other High Schools. Later I got a third prize for a picture that I despised. It's gone now.

I wasn't able to go on to college for art because my Father made to much money for me to get financial help and of course he couldn't afford to send me. So I went on with my life. Doing mostly manual labor jobs not really having a career. Twenty years later I had gone through a fifteen year Marriage and the only real job that I stuck with was putting in garage doors, for about that same amount of time. I didn't do a lot of art during those years, I spent my time trying to raise three children. Most of the art that you will see of mine, was at least started and most of them finished during that time.

Five years ago I found out that I have a muscle disease called Fibromyalgia. So due to the fact that I was used as a drug experiment for the first few years, I didn't produce much art. Mostly small portraits that didn't come out very well. I got divorced, I was approved for Disability, and now I'm starting again, this time as an artist. Fortunately my Doctor prescribed a drug called Lyrica for me before it became a drug for Fibromyalgia, and I was able to get off all those other drugs, and now I'm feeling confident that I can produce some art again. This time with an artist mentality. Dan

P.S. If you see different versions of my name on my pictures, that is because my Mom remarried again when I was young and I signed some of them with my step dad's last name [ Clewell ], and some with my real last name, [ Hagan ]. My official first name is [ Kenneth ], if you run across that one, but in most cases my name is [ Dan ], my middle name, that I‘ve been called all my life.

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