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Dan Hausel

Gilbert, AZ - United States








Dan Hausel

Gilbert, AZ - United States

Dan Hausel - Fine Artist

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About Dan Hausel

Through his eyes: details, shadows, aberrant perspectives, castles filled with dragons, wizards on watch, concerned knights. The darkness gives way to light and beauty - the sun rises - horses play. Trees and animals evolve into jungles, zebras question, ships sail, martial arts masters sit in peace, women of beauty are comforting to the soul. Cats, dogs, moose provide joy. Colors provide light. This artist searches the eyes to find life in his sketches.

Such detailed sketches have been described as incredible and realistic. Every hair lies in its proper place. The high seas of ships come to life in graphite sketches; color pencils sail across paper. Sketching whatever may be of interest.

Dan became an artist late in life. As if given a magic wand that directed his hand. Prior to 1990, sketching was not part of his life, but in 1990 through the urging of a colleague, he took up the pencil and discovered a talent that lay hidden for 40 years. Totally self-taught, Dan looks for the unusual perspective and unusual concepts.

Multi-talented. Creative. Dreamer. Many words have been used to describe this artist. Well-known geologist (http://GemHunter.webs.com). A man who spent years mapping details in distorted and broken rocks in the wilderness and found diamonds, colored gemstones, gold and more. A person of written words, who expresses himself with the pencil and pen. Author of more than 600 works including contributions to 30 books. A person of word - a public speaker who has traveled across the country to talk about gemstones, history, martial arts and art. A martial artist of international fame. Grandmaster, 10th degree black belt, holder of 9 black belts, and one who sits in 15 Halls of Fame (http://Seiyo-ShorinRyu.com).

Awarded for his life contributions. The President's Award. Wyoming Geological Association's highest honor for gratitude for lifelong work. Recognized as Distinguished Lecturer for Laramie Lyceum & University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics. Presented the Prospector's Best Friend Award the Education Award from the National Lapidary and Rock Hound Hall of Fame and the Thayer Lindsley Award of Economic Geology by the PDAC in Canada. Awarded the Colorado Chapter of the International Order of Ragged Ass Miners. Distinguished in Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, 2,000 Notable American Men and 5,000 Personalities of the World, Man of the Year, International Man of the Year, Great Minds of the 21st Century, the Archimedes award for Geological Sciences, member of the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, National Black Belt Hall of Fame and more.

But at a point in his life his creativeness has run into a road block. Will he again gain creativity? Stay tuned.

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Japanese Garden by Dan Hausel


Sailing At Sunset by Dan Hausel


Giraffe by Dan Hausel


My Summer Vacation by Dan Hausel


Eye of the Tiger by Dan Hausel


Self-Portrait of a Geologist by Dan Hausel


Staff Meeting by Dan Hausel


Mountain Productions Recording Studio by Dan Hausel


Elves by Dan Hausel


Jail Break by Dan Hausel


Path by Dan Hausel


Naughty n by Dan Hausel


Optimism by Dan Hausel


Gypsie by Dan Hausel


Friar Fred by Dan Hausel


Te by Dan Hausel



Night Crossing by Dan Hausel


Santa Over Neuschwanstein by Dan Hausel


Sunrise by Dan Hausel


Staff Party by Dan Hausel


Miki-San by Dan Hausel


On a Late October Night by Dan Hausel


Lazy by Dan Hausel


Uncle Albert by Dan Hausel


Bridge of Lions - St. Augustine by Dan Hausel


Cattledrive by Dan Hausel


Not On My Toes by Dan Hausel


Break Dancer on Break by Dan Hausel


Two by Dan Hausel



Bar Fly by Dan Hausel


Bridge by Dan Hausel


A Glass or Two by Dan Hausel


I by Dan Hausel



Mr. Ed by Dan Hausel


This Kid is a Star by Dan Hausel


Rock Hound by Dan Hausel


Hat Creek by Dan Hausel


Escape Artist by Dan Hausel


Trish by Dan Hausel


Mr. Mandolin by Dan Hausel


The Wong Restaurant by Dan Hausel


Cute But Abandoned by Dan Hausel


U.S. Marshal by Dan Hausel


Unicorn by Dan Hausel


Lake Michigan by Dan Hausel


Louisana Swamp by Dan Hausel


Dance Fever by Dan Hausel


Oriental Bridge by Dan Hausel

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