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Dan Keough

Philadelphia, PA - United States








Dan Keough

Philadelphia, PA - United States

Dan Keough - Fine Artist

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About Dan Keough

Thanks for visiting my art collection!
email: KandKarts@gmail.com

FineArtAmerica.com (FAA) is a well-known, reliable, and secure e-commerce marketplace for photographers, visual artists, art galleries, and fine art collectors with >80,000 members. You can be confident ordering online through FAA.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions before you order online here at Fine Art America or if you are interested in custom original artwork or canvas/matted prints.

UPDATE: Dear buyers,thank you for your interest in my work. I do also make my own canvas prints if you are interested. They are very high quality and at a good price. I use archival-quality canvas, pigment ink and gloss coatings. I personally stretch and hand paint the sides of each (side colors may vary depending on what I think looks good at the time but you can make a color request). Each print comes with a signed/numbered certificate of authenticity. I have signed under 200 certificates total for all of my work so far, so I don't mass produce my prints. My prints are not numbered as a limited edition per work, they are only numbered sequentially over all of my prints. My price quotes tend to depend on mood, so please excuse any variations. For example, I would currently charge $120+$15 shipping for an 8x24' print. I could list the print on eBay for you if you are more comfortable with that. Thanks! Dan.

About me:

Drift Magazine
Artist Profile: July 2010
Story by Ant Perrucci

Dan Keough

Before we met Dan Keough, we heard about him, we were told that he's sort of an Ernest Hemingway/Hunter S. Thompson/Jack Kerouac type. Only instead of writing, he paints.

Dan Keough doesn't own six-toed cats, he doesn't play with firearms and mescaline (at least, not simultaneously), and he hasn't (to the best of our knowledge) gone cross-country on a flat-bed truck. But he's charming and well-spoken, and he's our artist of the month.

DRIFT: How long have you been an artist?

KEOUGH: 'since kindergarten., really, but I didn't start painting until I was 28, I used to be an illustrator, but nobody pays money for illustrations.'

D: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

K: 'My inspiration is really whatever comes to mind. I like to let [the paintings] create themselves. '[I'm] usually very free-form. The less rules I give myself, the more fun the job is.'

D: How do you get into the proper frame of mind to paint? Do you have a routine?

K: I only paint during the daytime, when the sun's out. I can't work in artificial light.'

D: Can't or don't?

K: 'It just seems that when the sun goes down, I stop. In the morning, my imagination runs wild. If I wake up early, I can paint for 8 hours. If I wake up late, if I'm hung over, I can only paint for three.'

D: What do you enjoy painting? What do you most like to put on canvas?

K: 'I paint for the women in my life - friends, family, significant other. Not that I don't love the men in my life; I just can't paint for them.' [laughs] 'I think my nephew is the only one I've painted for.'

D: What sort of styles do you paint in? How would you describe it?

K: 'Always impressionistic or Abstract. Never portraits or realism. [It's like] a gifted child painting through an impaired adult.'

D: Are there any painters you really admire?

K: 'I love Norman Rockwell. He's the s---. Bob Ross: 'There are no mistakes in painting, there're happy accidents.' If you don't like Bob Ross there's something wrong with you.'

D: How do you go about painting? Are there any rules you give yourself?

K: 'Well, I cut my brushes down to three eyelashes thick. I paint crazy, crazy small.'

D: Where do you get your ideas from?

K: 'Just random [thoughts]. I daydream all day, every day. And sometimes, I paint them.'

D: What about your illustrations? Do you sell them alongside your paintings, or are they a separate body of work? What are those, to you?

K: 'I would sit at Backstreets and draw all day. I gave away more stuff [drawing] than I'll ever sell [painting.] I'd give away five drawings a day and sell one painting every three weeks.

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