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Daniel Neculae

Bucharest, Ro - Romania








Daniel Neculae

Bucharest, Ro - Romania

Daniel Neculae - Fine Artist

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About Daniel Neculae

I was born on the 6th of February 1980 in a little village by the Danube in a Christian family.
I was 16 years old when I was accepted to the Theological Seminary of the region. There I was able to anchor my faith, to learn more about the Christian philosophy and it was there my paintings approached religious themes and style. While studying at the Seminary I decided to extend my artistic knowledge so, in parallel, I attended the Art School in order to refine my techniques. When I finished my studies at the Seminary, I went to Bucharest to attend the University there (the Faculty of Orthodox Theology - Religious Painting department). I feel that through my works I rediscover the traditional authentic byzantine style. I find inspiration in the periods that were the peak of the byzantine art.
I exhibit my works in the galleries belonging to the Romanian Union of Plastic Artists. In 2008 I had a small exhibition in Luxembourg, in april 2009 I was invited to a collective exhibition in Bucharest and around Christmas I participated to the Annual Exhibition of Religious Paintings which took place in Bucharest. In april 2010 I had an exhibition in Slobozia. Now I am involved in a project with the Romanian Patriarchy.

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