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Daniela Isache

Iasi, Ro - Romania








Daniela Isache

Iasi, Ro - Romania

Daniela Isache - Fine Artist

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January 6th, 2009







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About Daniela Isache

Expressionist painter from Romania;
Graduate of the 'Al.I.Cuza' University of Iaşi (Romania), Faculty of Philology, in 1981;
Private painting lessons with the famous Romanian painter Ion Neagoe;
Member of the Romanian Fine Arts Union since 1999;
Member of the art workshop 'Stefan Luchian', Iaşi, since 2004;
Present in the album 'Un secol de arte frumoase la Iaşi' ('A Century of Fine Arts in Iaşi', ART XXI Publishing House, 2004);
Present in the Art Dictionary 'Dicţionarul ilustrat al artelor frumoase din Moldova, 1800 - 2010' ('Illustrated Dictionary of Fine Arts in Moldavia', Art XXI Publishing House, 2011);
The painting 'Mysterious Old Man' is shown in the film Erik Zamani/ Time of the Plums, directed by Sezen Kayhan (Turkey), released in 2011;
Many private and collective exhibitions in galleries from Iaşi (1987-2015), Bucharest (1987-2014), Mangalia, Bacău (2001 -2014), Târgovişte, Târgu Jiu, Sibiu (2015)(Romania), Kishinev (Republic of Moldova) (1999), Ruse (Bulgaria) (2013), Bologna (Italy) (2014) and Lipari Island (Italy) (2014);
Numerous artworks in museums and private collections from Romania, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA and Republic of Moldova.

My Expressionist World

Since I was young, I looked at the world differently from my friends. I saw a strange world, wondering why the other people did not see it like me. The world I saw was unjust and made of unhappiness. Looking profoundly at people’s faces, I found them very expressive and I was stroke by their strange traits. I have never seen beautiful or ugly faces but only very expressive ones. Then, I began to paint these faces and I met my future love – Expressionism. At that time, I discovered and understood that the expressionist painting could express the life as I see it.
I applied my Expressionism without making any concession to the beautiful or decorative painting. I applied it with force and sometimes with despair. However, when finishing a painting I felt released. I felt as if all my pain and troubles came out of my life. The dramatic motifs I found in everyday life created insurmountable interrogations and tensions. I became calm, but when I looked at my painting, I saw there fear, sorrow and I understood that my Expressionism saved me. Some people told me they could not remain indifferent when looking at my painting and my painting made them think and react; this is the most important thing for a Man – not to remain indifferent to what he sees. Some of the people accompanied me on the routes of my self-knowledge and my complicated existence.
Expressionism made me think at the sad everyday world. I saw the diseases of our century and I entered the social zone, at the same time suggesting things about the universe beside me. This is such an intricate, marvellous and sometimes terrifying universe!
I understood that my life and the life of those who like my Expressionism were thankful to the Expressionist world. Expressionism is my way to show the world as I see it.

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