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Danny Maynard

Davenport, FL - United States








Danny Maynard

Davenport, FL - United States

Danny Maynard - Fine Artist

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About Danny Maynard

I live in Davenport, FL with my husband, Bert. We were married on May 29, 2010 in Washington, DC, just as soon as we could, after they passed their marriage equality laws and they were verified as constitutional by the courts. After 35 years, it was a wonderful event. We had both friends and family there.

We live in the shadow of Walt Disney World, just 15 miles away. It is a wonderful place to visit and have fun. We have been going there since 1991, and still have not done it all. An annual pass lets me go there every day if I choose, but I still could not do it all, and it keeps changing too.

I have a Bachelor of Art degree with major in Mathematics and minor in Physics. I did work on a masters, but frankly, being a mathematician as a career was not for me. I found out later that I should have done computer programming, and so I did. I received a degree in Computer Programming and Operations. I spent over 30 years writing programs and building databases of technical documentation and graphics for major companies throughout the United States. It was a wonderful career.

My hobby has always been art, and I used to do traditional art until the early 1990's. I particularly like oil painting, but I found out that oil paints and its liquid mediums are poisonous to the human body, being made out of dangerous heavy metals and volatile hydrocarbons. When in the 1980's I found out I could combine art and computer, and I was in heaven. Digital art has so many advantages over traditional media work.

My 'dream machine' came into being in 2009, when Intel created the i7-920 CPU, and Dell put a dual-screen computer together for me where I can play music and videos while I create 'deviations' and search the Internet, all at the same time. I bought a cheap video webcam so I can chat with my family elsewhere in the USA and the world.

I love being retired after over 40 years working. I can now do what I have always wanted to do, and do it digitally with abandon.

Thanx for stopping by to visit my devious creations! Have a great life, and don't let anyone tell you you do not have talent -- just persevere and practice till you are an artist, one way or another.

Art is designed to evoke an emotion, so make 'em laugh, or scream, or love, or hate, or even think ... but get a rise from your audience. Even bad art is good art. Make art from art. Just be the artist you want to be. No one , and I mean absolutely no one, can say otherwise to you. Your work is your creation ... so create!

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20110730-Squares-of-Strokes-v6a by Danny Maynard


20110704-InlaidIndependence-v5 by Danny Maynard


20110702-Go-Forth-Jewels-v10 by Danny Maynard


20110628-North-Mandalay-Mandala-v17 by Danny Maynard


20110626-JuliaJungleJewels-v10 by Danny Maynard


20110228-Rods-and-Dots-X4-v4 by Danny Maynard


20110609-June-Ninth-Hands-v6 by Danny Maynard


20110615-Station-BlueFlow-v7 by Danny Maynard


20110613-RedEggs-Bluing-v5a by Danny Maynard


20110612-Fractal-4K-v10a by Danny Maynard


20110413-RoyalTapestry-UK25-K12-v04 by Danny Maynard


20110413-CastleWindow-UK25-K12-v04 by Danny Maynard


20110602-BlueMagentaShadows-v1 by Danny Maynard


20110602-BlueGreenShadowed-v2 by Danny Maynard


20110307-Laugh-Play-Fun-v5 by Danny Maynard


20110526-The-Rose-Bush-v1 by Danny Maynard


1983-20110522-Red-Sky-v5 by Danny Maynard


20001125-Disco-Drapes-v7 by Danny Maynard


20110517-Green-Hydrogen-v4 by Danny Maynard


20110516-All-Seeing-Eyes-v001 by Danny Maynard


20110515-The-Breach-v003 by Danny Maynard


20110509-Fruit-Salad-v4 by Danny Maynard


20110506-Red-String-Theory-v3 by Danny Maynard


20110505-Mesh-Gears-K12-v4 by Danny Maynard


20110320-Mirrors-at-Sunset-v4a by Danny Maynard


20110412-Red-Stress-v1 by Danny Maynard


20110410-City-Abstract-v2 by Danny Maynard


20110406-Blue-Star-Wheel-v1 by Danny Maynard


20110404-GoldBlue-Clockwork-v2 by Danny Maynard


20110404-Stars-Into-K12-v06 by Danny Maynard


20110331-Cherry-Pie-Squared-v2 by Danny Maynard


20110328-Still-Flowers-v7 by Danny Maynard


20110322-City-Scape-v07 by Danny Maynard


20110321-Color-Stack-Bullseye by Danny Maynard


20110320-Spring-Palette-v5 by Danny Maynard


20110320-Pillows-K10-v2a by Danny Maynard


20110215-Citrus-KR8-v2 by Danny Maynard


20110319-Core-v03 by Danny Maynard


20110319-Map-Shadowed-v04 by Danny Maynard


Happy Easter Greeting Card by Danny Maynard


20110318-Chopped-Blue-v02 by Danny Maynard


20110318-Prepare-For-Christmas by Danny Maynard


20110316-Rothko-esque-Sunset-v04 by Danny Maynard


02110316-Rothko-esque Landscape-v03a by Danny Maynard


20110228-Quilt-Piping-v02 by Danny Maynard


20110314-Oriental-Water-Garden-v04 by Danny Maynard


20110314-Psychedelic-Pi-Day-v6 by Danny Maynard


20110312-Electric-Rainbow-K8-v17a by Danny Maynard

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