Dariusz Orszulik - Fine Artist

Dariusz Orszulik

Cieszyn, Slaskie - Poland








Dariusz Orszulik

Cieszyn, Slaskie - Poland

Dariusz Orszulik - Fine Artist

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About Dariusz Orszulik

Dariusz Orszulik, an accomplished Polish painter, was born in Cieszyn, Poland in 1958. Painting has always been his passion and joy. His life experiences continually inspire him to express them on an artist’s canvas.

He paints old manor houses, churches, cottages, windmills and quaint roadside shrines. These bring him close to Polish romanticism, full of life and wonder. His works represent Poland’s old wooden architecture in its natural surroundings. He strives to depict their elusive, passing beauty as well the imagination of the architect who created them. He reveals in them the fleeting warmth of the pleasant atmosphere.

“Cieszyn and its region are a very special place to me,” says the artist.” I was born here and, after years of artistic wanderings, I have returned. I paint Cieszyn, because Cieszyn is a beautiful town with many happy and joyful people.”

Dariusz has also expressed his fascination with Poland and its culture through his writings. A few dozen of his articles accompanied with his enriched paintings have appeared in the well-known and well-liked magazine “Panorama”.

Numerous publications use Dariusz Orszulik’s works. Calendars and postcards with his paintings can be purchased. This has also contributed in adding admiration and recognition to his artistic work.

In his works, Dariusz goes beyond the landscape. His paintings represent his ideas, emotions and dreams. He records them in the form of an artistic reflection on canvas and paper.

Dariusz’s works have been shown in several dozen exhibitions throughout the world. His paintings are in great demand.

His exhibitions:
1983 – Neseber, 1984 – London, 1984 – Brighton, 1995 – Los Angeles, 1995 – Paris, 1995 – Warsaw, 1996 – Grenoble, 1997 – New York, 1998 – Phoenix, 1999 – Melbourne, 1999 – Warsaw, 2000 – Łódź, 2002 – Warsaw, 2003 – Cracow, 2005 – Zakopane, 2006 – 2010 – Cieszyn, Skoczów, Wisła, 2011 – Bielsko – Biała, Gliwice, 2012-2013 - Cieszyn

Dariusz’s gallery can be viewed at: www.orszulik.ovh.org

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Flower Extravaganza by Dariusz Orszulik


Summer Angel by Dariusz Orszulik


Magic Well by Dariusz Orszulik


Midnight Reflections by Dariusz Orszulik


Magic Night by Dariusz Orszulik


Happy Toys by Dariusz Orszulik


Window Shopping by Dariusz Orszulik


Life is Beautiful by Dariusz Orszulik


Cieszyn at Night by Dariusz Orszulik


Tuscan Sun by Dariusz Orszulik


Summer Eden by Dariusz Orszulik


Friendship by Dariusz Orszulik


Happy Hour by Dariusz Orszulik


Fields Of Dreams II by Dariusz Orszulik


Venetian Paradise by Dariusz Orszulik


Magic in The Air by Dariusz Orszulik


Dance of the Leaves by Dariusz Orszulik


Winter Magic by Dariusz Orszulik


Angels Homecoming by Dariusz Orszulik


Morning Happiness by Dariusz Orszulik


Garden of Prosperity by Dariusz Orszulik


Strolling on the water by Dariusz Orszulik


Sexy Chicken by Dariusz Orszulik


Fields Of Dreams by Dariusz Orszulik

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   |   Images = 44





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