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Darren Stein

Sydney, NSW - Australia








Darren Stein

Sydney, NSW - Australia

Darren Stein - Fine Artist

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About Darren Stein

Darren Stein is an Australian artist and poet. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1973, Stein worked in the townships and squatter camps around Johannesburg and Soweto during the transition to democracy in the early 1990ís. His fields included adult literacy, voter education, election monitoring, and subsequently Police reform which worked towards building reconciliation between local community groups and the Post-Apartheid police forces. After suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by his exposure to the violence of the period, he immigrated to Sydney, Australia. His poems have appeared in various anthologies, including Over the Rainbow (1996), The Liquid Mirror (1998), An Endless Place (1999), and Storage Space: A collection of contemporary poetry (2008). His artwork includes acrylic painting as well as digital art.

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Religious Fundamentalism

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These five paintings explore various concepts relating to terrorism and religious fundamentalism. Like many people since 9/11, I have been haunted by the complexities of the so called "War on Terror", and issues that as a Westerner, I find it hard to make sense of. I reject self-censorship and political correctness and acknowledge that some people might find these images controvertial. Art, however, should reflect one's internal struggle and debate, and I do not paint with the purpose of being racist or discriminatory, but do affirm my own Western value system in condemenation of won which appears to me to be often destructive and oppressive.

Darren Stein - Jihadi

Jihadi by Darren Stein

Darren Stein - Mohamed Atta

Mohamed Atta by Darren Stein

Darren Stein - Schoolboy Fantasy

Schoolboy Fantasy by Darren Stein

Darren Stein - Shahid or Martyr

Shahid or Martyr by Darren Stein

Darren Stein - The Real Terror

The Real Terror by Darren Stein

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