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Darwin Leon

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Darwin Leon

Bradenton, FL - United States

Darwin Leon - Fine Artist

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About Darwin Leon

Darwin Leon was born in 1972 in Santiago de las Vegas a small town in Havana, Cuba. In 1987, Leon's family sought refuge from the political and economical crisis in Cuba, and departed to Spain, then later continued to the United States to settle in Miami. Leon earned his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Miami International University of Art & Design, where he attended as a recipient of the 'Visual Arts Scholarship Award of Excellence' and received Best in Show at his first Juried Student Exhibition. His first direction was expressed through religious portraits. However, he found a greater enthusiasm for figurative and expressionistic forms in which he incorporated satire and irony through surrealism and cubism. Leon's work is energetic, fresh, alive and abundant with color.

Leon's art combines aspects of the masters of the Renaissance, including the technique of chiaroscuro, with his own surreal style, which he refers to as Expressionistic Surrealism. Scenic images portray the nature of expressive design through the movement of action and textured aspects. With a sharp sense of humor and figurative imagination, Darwin Leon details the social context of pseudo-political, human involvement with a gift for enhanced form and characterization. Displaying the imbalances of society with a satirical perspective, his artistic creations animate the discontinuities of the post industrial order. Leon's paintings play on the interpersonal deceptions that move a society.

For four years, Darwin Leon was an Arts Instructor for drawing, painting, anatomy and modern painting at the South Florida Arts Center, Miami Beach. He currently resides with his wife and two children in Bradenton, Florida, where he teaches 'The Dynamic Human Figure' at the Art Center there and at the Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa, Florida.

'I believe in revising classical methods of art to create a more contemporary form of expression. My art mirrors life and the social issues of our time, while revealing the historical aspects of humanity that continue to govern and motivate us even today. In my work, the human figure is the constant denominator drawing on classical interpretation and moving into surrealism that symbolizes the echo of human nature and motivation through time. With a foundation for serious commentary, I employ the levity of humor so that people can grasp the meaning without feeling too challenged by the message.'

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The uncertain lover's journey by Darwin Leon


The confusion paradox by Darwin Leon


The conquerors' dream by Darwin Leon


The daughter of men by Darwin Leon


The joy of being you by Darwin Leon


Beauty and the fish having an unconditional agreement under the yellow moon by Darwin Leon


The exhi-fish-tionist by Darwin Leon


The obsession of the unwanted by Darwin Leon


Beauty and the fish by Darwin Leon


Consciousness being raped by ego by Darwin Leon


The joy within by Darwin Leon


The path of Irony II by Darwin Leon


The imprisonment of aesthetics by Darwin Leon


Vivi De Milo by Darwin Leon


The creation of desire by Darwin Leon


Abstract nude liberating from self- egoistic consciousness by Darwin Leon


Disintegration of aestheticism by Darwin Leon


Abstract nude by Darwin Leon


The secret of her victory by Darwin Leon


Consciousness resting from life contortion-ism by Darwin Leon


On the conquer for land 3 - sudden return to drawing state by Darwin Leon


On the conquer for land II by Darwin Leon


The quest for inner self by Darwin Leon


The anger of the fallen by Darwin Leon


The manipulation from the anti-consciousness monsters by Darwin Leon


The ecstasy of mother liberation by Darwin Leon


Always you by Darwin Leon


The controller by Darwin Leon


The internal affair by Darwin Leon


The search from within by Darwin Leon


Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead by Darwin Leon


Ecstasy maximus by Darwin Leon


The hunger of the Eve by Darwin Leon


The path of irony by Darwin Leon


The passion of the fallen by Darwin Leon


Infamous pets by Darwin Leon


The hidden truth by Darwin Leon


The eternal embrace by Darwin Leon


The return of the original consciousness and the temptation of the fallen by Darwin Leon


The exile of aestheticism by Darwin Leon


The reflection of the long hair woman by Darwin Leon


Figure with long neck by Darwin Leon


The re-invention of the human figure II by Darwin Leon


The re-invention of the human figure by Darwin Leon


The arrival of the goddess of consciousness by Darwin Leon


Truth running out of time by Darwin Leon


The betrayal by Darwin Leon


The great seduction by Darwin Leon

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   |   Images = 117




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