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Daryl Lee

Marquette, MI - United States








Daryl Lee

Marquette, MI - United States

Daryl Lee - Fine Artist

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About Daryl Lee

I am originally from Southern Maine, but now live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and I have been creating ONE-OF-A-KIND framed pieces of stained glass artwork since 2005. I am not a company, but call all of my pieces 'Redeemed Creations'.

The masterpieces that I create use a technique called 'suspended mosaics', which involves selecting an all wood picture frame, inserting eyehooks into the frame, stringing crafters wire in a geometrical design, then soldering the stained glass directly onto the wire.

I base all of my work on passages from the Bible, and I NEVER use patterns or templates. ALL of my pieces come from recycled materials. The frames have been rescued from thrift stores, yard sales, attics, ect, and the glass comes to me broken and discarded from other projects. My creations are truly 'green', as they are designed and created from other materials that were redeemed.

Hence the name 'Redeemed Creations.'

The name Redeemed Creations also has another meaning: we, as humans, are a fallen race, but through the grace and mercy of God, and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus on the cross, we are now 'Redeemed Creations', able to fully live and enjoy the beauty of His created world, and have the security and promise of our place in the future.

All of my pieces are custom made, one-of-a-kind creations that are inspired, and made according to my imagination. I will NEVER be able to duplicate a piece, or make another piece 'just like it', because broken glass never breaks the same way twice, and the frames I use all come from different places and sources around the world.
So, when you purchase one of my pieces, you will have something that no one else in the world has. You will have an heirloom quality masterpiece, that is, truly, a Redeemed Creation.

Daryl Lee

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