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Dave Clark

Monchengladbach, West Reinland - Germany








Dave Clark

Monchengladbach, West Reinland - Germany

Dave Clark - Fine Artist

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I'm Dave Clark. born and brought up in and around London England, I've always enjoyed bucking convention and just love being and working with people; I thrive on the invention and unpredictability that comes from having different people around.
My Grandfather was a very keen and confident photographer and in my teens he gave me an SLR camera and flash, so my desire was born.
Eventually life and the need to make a living just got in the way. However, photography and art (and later combined with Web design) still remained my main hobbies; developing and printing my own films and slides (thank heavens for the digital camera). By now I was an Engineer, which I remained until being medically retired in 2007.
As I'm not working now, so I have the time to devote to recovering the fulfilment of Art and photography.
Iíve always enjoyed drawing and painting, but being completely self-taught, my development has been slow. However, with time and willing subjects, hopefully I will fulfil my passion. My favourite subject is definitely people and I recently joined an art group in Spain, so when Iím there, I paint and draw under the guidance of the tutor, who is brilliant. As with my photography, I also enjoy landscape work, and again there are plenty of ideal subjects in Spain; so hopefully it will be worth watching this space.
I also hope to become a proficient artist through photography and thus to constantly build upon my skills. My professional status is not in terms of earning a living from photography, it is however a mark of my professional behaviour and approach to the artistic development of myself and those I work with.
I have undertaken quite a few photo shoots in the past and attended a couple of workshops, but these were just based on my gleaned knowledge, borne through many years of hands-on experience. So recently, I decided to gain formal photography training to kick jump my photography skills. So I am very keen to get in touch with anyone wishing to have a photography project, especially potential models looking to build a portfolio, or family's wanting some portrait studies.
Anyway, that is enough about me, please comment on my work and get in touch.

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